Under the moniker “Interns Take Over!”, ComicVerse offered their interns, writers and contributors a chance to suggest their favorite comics to talk about during several podcasts. Justin, Kathy, Chris, Alex, Kay, Malia, Brian, Jamie and I took that chance in order to talk about one of the most controversial and outstanding X-Men comics of all time: I suggested Grant Morrison’s run on NEW X-MEN.

This was the first time being on a podcast for ComicsVerse, which is why I was extremely nervous (and felt a little bit guilty for making everyone read more than 40 issues of X-Men). For me especially, it was exciting since I joined the others from Germany via Skype and got to know a lot of new people, which was a great experience!

After various sound-check problems and after recording the Special Episode podcast, I gave a quick plot summary for NEW X-MEN, and we started talking about Morrison’s book in a very detailed way: not only was there an in-depth character analysis of Scott Summers, Jean Grey and Emma Frost and talk about all these character’s relationships to one another, we would also go on to talk about the comic’s antagonists as well as make jokes about genocide and talk about sexual intercourse between a fly and a chicken – this podcast has it all!

And even though it got really late in Germany (8:30 AM the next day) which made the process of recording a bit exhausting, getting to know so many wonderful people and talking about one of my favorite comic books was an unforgettable experience and definitely worth staying up a bit longer for (don’t worry about it, Justin)! I hope the podcast ended up half as enjoyable as it was to record it!

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The following members of the ComicsVerse family were included in this podcast:

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