In this episode of the ComicsVerse podcast, X-MEN: RISE AND FALL OF THE SHI’AR EMPIRE is analyzed in part four of four in our series on space operas.

Written by Ed Brubaker, X-MEN: RISE AND FALL OF THE SHI’AR EMPIRE is well known among X-Men fans as a story arc that is both epic in scale (due to the many awesome action scenes) and a story that consists of X-Men who deserved a bit more panel time. This year long arc took characters who were secondary at the time: Havok, Polaris, Warpath, Rachel Grey, and others, and basked them in the spotlight, something fans of Lorna Dane, Alex Summers, and Rachel Grey have been waiting years for!

What makes X-MEN: RISE AND FALL OF THE SHI’AR EMPIRE perfect for a podcast series in superhero space operas is not only that 99% of X-MEN: RISE AND FALL OF THE SHI’AR EMPIRE took place in space, but rather the fact that writer Ed Brubaker was able to capture the elements of a space opera and bring it to an X-Men storyline in X-MEN: RISE AND FALL OF THE SHI’AR EMPIRE.

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Each character, from Nightcrawler to Warpath and some interesting new ones who pop up in between, have their moment in this story. It’s yet another aspect of this comic book that makes it worth reading and a necessary part of our series on comic book space operas featuring superheroes.

Something else that makes this story arc so worthwhile? Havok and Cyclops’ long-lost brother, Gabriel Summers aka Vulcan! While he’s a villain every bit as sinister as well- Mr. Sinister, Ed Brubaker also writes Vulcan with a pathos. You don’t root for Vulcan, but you do empathize with him.

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  1. Justin Gilbert Alba

    September 29, 2016 at 5:25 pm

    I hope he’s not dead for long! I always thought he was so interesting!


  2. themarvelman84

    September 29, 2016 at 5:08 pm

    Vulcan is my favorite villain of all time! I hope he returns to the Comic Universe soon.


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