Special guest, Ari Greenberg, ushers in a discussion on MAUS, MAGNETO, MAGNETO: TESTAMENT, Kitty Pryde, Batwoman and more (with a special guest appearance by Batman!)

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  1. ray

    February 14, 2017 at 4:39 am

    While it was a valid effort to touch a very interesting subject (that can also become a sensitive subject) I do think it was missed in this two parter episode. This is my first time I’m listening to the podcast so I can’t really tell (I assume you learend much from doing this episode and future episodes are much more slik) but these episodes suffered from a sense of miss-direction and missing the point. Instead of talking about Judaism and Islam as depicted in comics it seems you were rushing through comics that HAD jewish people or muslims in them and just talk about said comics most of the time. You knew ahead – or should’v known – Batwoman, God Loves Man Kills and that single issue of New Mutants had little to do with judaism, aside from the part that a jewish person was one of the characters in it, yet you still covered these stories in the episode, so if a person was thinking he is gonna listen to a serious analyze of religion and identity in comics in these episode – he was set to be disappointed. At the end it was a bunch of comicbook enthusiastics sitting around and discussing some comic books they read. The conversation was never going deeper beyond the obvious. Like in the Frank Millar’s Batman Terror thing, you were describing how Muslim representation was offensive and awful, yet you didn’t delve into anything but the obvious – the current representation of Muslims in other media and society, the attitude toward Muslim people in US society. You know, the greater picture. The same can be told about the Judaism part. Like, this is Kitty Pryde and she’s jewish, this is Batwoman, this is Magneto… But was does it means? The interview was always concluding in asking Ari what he thinks about the depiction of the character, which ended to be concluded in the thin description: “She’s cool/the comics is awesome/I actually didn’t read any of this… But I was in love in the character in the movie because she’s cute”. You see where I’m going with it? These episodes lacked teeth. That’s my main criticism.
    Also, Muslim and Judaism representation wasn’t equal at all, in a obvious favor towards judaism. I felt bad for Muslim representation, and I’m saying that as a jew.


    • Justin Gilbert Alba

      March 14, 2017 at 1:01 am

      Hi Ray!

      That was excellent advice and analysis of this podcast! I couldn’t agree with you more, we were pretty new at the time, however, and I hope you’ve gotten better since 🙂



  2. ray

    February 14, 2017 at 3:46 am

    I thought that Islam means submission or surrender. Particularly submission to god.


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