Black Widow

You know her name. You know her face, but do you know her story? Natasha Romanoff, also known as Black Widow, is one of Marvel Comics’ most compelling characters. Though she has been featured in a variety of comics in addition to a live-action interpretation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, her persona is a wildly ambiguous one. Yet, there are common denominators throughout her various depictions that truly define her.

Black Widow has undoubtedly been a hero, fighting alongside the Avengers saving millions upon millions of lives.

She has also been a villain, killing innocents as though it was another day in the office.

So, why do so many of us comic book fans adore Black Widow if she has so much red in her ledger?

Breaking Down Who Black Widow Is

ComicsVerse’s Jordan Parrish, Peyton Hinckle, and I, Maite, break it down as we traverse Black Widow’s history since her debut in 1964. There is no doubt that her character has evolved significantly. Numerous writers have taken over the character, instilling their own perceptions upon her.

Consequently, there is a multitude of writers who have covered Black Widow.

Specifically, though, we focus on a handful of distinct Black Widow portrayals including the 2010 run from writer Marjorie Liu and the 2014 arc from writer Nathan Edmondson. With this, we touch on aspects of these runs that one could beautifully execute in the upcoming, live-action solo Black Widow film.

Ultimately, we analyze what defines Natasha Romanoff, aspects that make her who she is.

So, take a listen. Find out what comprises an authentic representation of Black Widow. Find out what we believe is essential for a Black Widow film to be successful.

Of course, everything we say is merely our own, personal perspectives. Although it is safe to say, the three of us are quite the Black Widow experts.

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  1. Niki B

    April 3, 2019 at 4:31 am

    Love this! Just one thing, you should check out The Heroes’ Journey (Road to infinity War) which is mcu canon writing. It’s a filler for that period between civil war and infinity war and describes how natasha met up with steve and then sam etc. (She helped Steve break the others out of the raft, gives us a little detail on their missions as the secret avengers).


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