In Episode 72 of the ComicsVerse Podcast, the ComicsVerse crew talks to the legendary X-Men fan-favorite writer in this Chris Claremont interview!

Before Marvel, Chris Claremont studied acting and political theory at Bard College. While he initially had no interest in the comic book industry, Chris Claremont later went on to write more X-MEN comics than anyone else. His continuous run from 1975 to 1991 changed the way we look at comic book’s favorite team of outsiders forever and, therefore, matured not only a Marvel franchise but the superhero genre itself.

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Several generations of X-MEN fans including, Columbia University Law School student and ComicsVerse Editor Jake Grubman, ComicsVerse managing editor Jamie Rice, German ComicsVerse Staff writer Marius Thienenkamp and, of course, ComicsVerse C.E.O. Justin Alba prepared an interview with a man that has always been an icon to them, and it’s safe to say no one felt disappointed!

Chris Claremont, X-Men, and Marvel

We subsequently asked to hear the story of how Claremont got started with Marvel. Additionally, we asked: Why should Jean Grey have remained dead? What were the original plans for X-FACTOR and the character of Rachel Grey? What happens after X-MEN: THE END? Are the X-Men just as relatable as they used to be? In conclusion, those questions and much more will be answered! Thus, we studied hours of one Chris Claremont interview after another to prepare for this podcast. As a result, things in this interview don’t exist anywhere else!

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Chris Claremont and DC Comics’ SOVEREIGN SEVEN

Of course, the X-Men are not the only topic of discussion! In this Chris Claremont interview, Chris discussed his time at Bard College in addition to the creative process. Finally, Chris talks about Marvel then and now, most noteworthy diversity in the industry, and his upcoming novel about the creator-owned SOVEREIGN SEVEN concept and what readers can expect.

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  1. […] Comicsverse is a podcast I have found over the last few months and really enjoy. It’s dedicated to a nigh-academic (but still incredibly silly) look at comics––mostly Big 2 stuff––that really dives deep into the psychology, cultural criticism, and craft behind some of the biggest titles and their characters. I haven’t listened to every episode, instead focusing mostly on their X-Men-related podcasts (including a recent, really good interview with Chris Claremont). […]


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