JUSTICE LEAGUE #7 by Scott Snyder, Jim Cheung, Mark Morales, Walden Wong, Tomeu Morey, and Tom Napolitano
JUSTICE LEAGUE #7 marks the end of the battle for the Totality! Epic battles and a fantastic cliffhanger make this issue more than worth a second read.
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Our heroes make their defiant stand against the newly formed Legion of Doom in JUSTICE LEAGUE #7 by Scott Snyder, Jim Cheung, Walden Wong, Mark Morales, Tomeu Morey, and Tom Napolitano. Were you just as confused why Earth had a White Lantern logo on it in the previous issue as I was? Okay, then maybe you’re wondering about that little doorknob thingie in Luthor’s hand? Yeah, that one’s still is a mystery to me too. Those plot threads and others should be finalized in this issue.

Warning, potential spoilers for JUSTICE LEAGUE #7 are below!

In the Beginning…

Luthor and Hawkgirl’s battle splashed on the page — by Jim Cheung and his inking team of Morales and Wong — showing some fantastic art dynamics. For instance, the details in the characters’ battle demonstrate Cheung’s attention to detail. Morey’s vibrant colors bring the battle to life as well. Throughout the issue, Cheung’s artwork heightens the foreground while diminishing the background. Tom Napolitano’s accent lettering closes out the creative team’s endeavor with his dashes of FOOMs and colored word balloons.


As mentioned previously, JUSTICE LEAGUE #7 opens with a deathly battle between Luthor and Kendra Saunders. If you’re an avid reader of the many volumes of this title like I am, you’re probably questioning when Kendra became a major badass in the DCU. However, I do quite like this portrayal. This issue brings Kendra back to the big boys game after a long hiatus. Scott Snyder’s sprinkling hints of her mystical connection to the Totality is effective in that the reader wants to know more about Kendra. She’s always been displayed as a secondary, or even tertiary, character. Putting her in the forefront of this battle also shifts focus from the classical spotlight-hogging trio of Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman. I want more Kendra!

The Power of Green

Green seems to make a huge impact in this issue. First, Kendra’s wings acquire a new green glow when she’s near the powerful doorknob. Why green? For the Green Lanterns, the color symbolizes willpower. Is there a connection between her wings and the Lantern spectrum?

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Relvenatly, the other mention of green in JUSTICE LEAGUE #7 announces the return of John Stewart to the Green Lantern Corps. He breaks free of Sinestro’s control and the Ultraviolet Spectrum to kick some serious ass. Again, the power of green (will) proves that anything is possible if one has determination.

They Did What?

Do you ever read a book and ask yourself “what the hell did I just read?” I do it often. Maybe it’s due to my ADHD. This issue causes many of those moments where we see our traditional League and Legion characters doing things out of the ordinary.  Snyder, once again, writes these characters outside their comfort zones. For example, in order for the portal to be closed, Flash (the Fastest Man Alive) has to slow down. Another example shows Batman making a joke!? Moving forward, Kendra saves the universe. Plus is a romance brewing between Wonder Woman and Aquaman? Finally, the Joker takes orders from Luthor to teleport their team members back to headquarters.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #7 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Slow. Comical. Savior. Lovers. Minion. Roles and traits not associated with these characters… until JUSTICE LEAGUE #7. Brilliant writing like this from Snyder generates new angles to ponder from all of these characters.

After You Save the Universe, What’s Next?

So the final pages of the issue allow the reader to see a new direction for the League. The many teams with the Justice title attached to them gather for a great splash page. It almost seems like Cartoon Network’s iteration of JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED has been resurrected in the comics. One of the many reasons I have always loved this title was the rotating cast, many guest appearances, and crossovers with other teams. I look forward to that happening again in the near future!

JUSTICE LEAGUE #7 page 5. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

So after Martian Manhunter accepts his role as the new leader, we discover the kernels of plot threads for future issues. The most interesting one is the sudden appearance of the 90s version of Starman with (of course) a foreboding and ominous threat for the new League.

Wait, did I say that was the most interesting? I lied. The final splash page of JUSTICE LEAGUE #7 leaves you with one of those jaw-dropping moments. Let’s just say: Things are going to very twisted and diabolical if a certain toothy, insidious character joins the Legion of Doom.

Final Thoughts on JUSTICE LEAGUE #7

This issue’s very fast paced. Normally, I tend to re-read these because I think I missed something from the first reading. This time, I re-read it for pleasure. It’s just that good! Jim Cheung’s clean and sharp artwork gives Snyder’s visions and words life. If you’re wondering whether this JUSTICE LEAGUE version is worth reading after so many other incarnations have come and gone, spend no more time pondering. So get this series and sit back and enjoy the ride with the rest of us!

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