Creator of the popular candy-store rom-com DAGASHI KASHI Kotoyama announced the end of the series is near. According to an author’s note in recently-released Volume 10, Kotoyama will wrap up the series shortly. The popular manga series has gained many fans during its four-year run. As much a character comedy as a tribute to Japanese snack culture, DAGASHI KASHI is a series with broad appeal. While Kotoyama refers to domestic snack companies and uses them as a basis for jokes, the series’ cast is the driving force for its popularity. DAGASHI KASHI has inspired two anime series and a light novel adaptation.

A Sweet Hit!

Despite its niche focus, DAGASHI KASHI has proven popular since its release. This is largely due to the series’ raunchy comedy and lively characters. DAGASHI KASHI’s protagonist is Coconuts Shikada. He is an unassuming teenage boy with dreams of becoming a big-shot shojo manga artist. His father owns the local candy store, which sells a wide variety of candies and snacks called dagashi in Japanese. Coconuts, despite his passion, is not very good at drawing. His sketches are a source of constant amusement for his father. However, Coconuts is not without talent. He has a knack for selling snacks from years of part-time work in his father’s shop. As someone who is reluctant to carry on the family business, this skill annoys him to no end.

Dagashi Kashi Volume 1
Dagashi Kashi Volume 1 | Image: Dagashi Kashi Wiki

One day the daughter of a candy magnate, Hotaru Shidare, comes to Coconuts’ small town. Her goal? Convince his father, a local candy legend, to join her family’s firm. Though a good deal, he will only accept provided Coconuts agrees to run the family shop. It then becomes Hotaru’s mission to persuade Coconuts of the sweet life. An odd personality who lives to snack, she is passionate about all things dagashi. Moreover, she has a vested interest in getting Coconuts to see things her way. She spends most of her time in the Shikada snack-shop touting the life of a snack-shop owner. Much of the comedy comes from the conflict between Hotaru’s dramatic personality and Coconuts’ timid manner.

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An Impressive Run

While the end is near for Kotoyama’s DAGASHI KASHI, it is as popular as ever. The manga series has over three million copies in print, big results for a manga that started as a weekly. Moreover, it has been adapted several times since its debut. DAGASHI KASHI began publishing in 2014 as a feature in the Shonen Sunday weekly. A fast favorite, Manta Aisora adapted the source manga into a one-shot light novel. Publisher Gagaga Bunko released the novel in 2015. Afterwards, DAGASHI KASHI was adapted into an anime in Winter 2016 by Feel Studios. The show was renewed for a second season that is currently airing, this time adapted by Tezuka Studios.

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