ELECTRIC WARRIORS #3 brings a lot of confrontation and revelation. Artist Travel Foreman and writer Steve Orlando tell a dark story with this issue; they don’t pull any punches. Champions fight for all of the supplies on their world in daily combat. In his first fight, War Cry loses Earth’s crops to another planet — crops controlled by the animals. Now, Deep Dweller and War Cry must face off as well!

More Fights…

The issue picks ups with the cliffhanger of issue two: Kana and Oscar must fight each other in the ring. The Lord Preceptor, Firestorm, muses that this is not what he meant the Compromise for. Deep Dweller tries to reason with War Cry, but ultimately he goes for a kill shot to his foe’s head, showing her mercy with a quick kill. Just like that, War Cry kills someone who just saved his life the issue prior. The guilt eats him almost immediately.

In other fights, Inceptor fights Supermaw, and defeats him with a Grief Bullet. In his mind, he sees a horrifying sight: a warrior, cut open and laid out as a meal for several people, including a Gil’Dishpan (the people who run the planet). Inceptor is determined to find Orthus, who leads the Electric Warriors in an alliance. Orthus himself is rather busy, fighting the Khundian, Serene. Serene fights with no mercy whatsoever and Orthus holds back. That’s a mistake, as Serene kills him, thus ending his unbeaten streak.

… And Secrets Revealed

ELECTRIC WARRIORS #3 page 2. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Oscar laments killing Kana, but she ends up appearing at his quarters! Apparently, her brain isn’t in her head, and she was able to recover from the blow. They argue about War Cry’s seeming lack of empathy until recently. The tension doesn’t ease as Serene shows up. Her warrior mentality turns off Kana, though Oscar and Serene have an intimate moment.

Inceptor shares what he saw with the Dominator champion, while also having a tender scene. After that moment of friendship, the two agree to gather the other followers of Orthus — Serene, Kana, and Oscar — and tell them about what Inceptor saw. They plan an infiltration mission to the Monolith, which they succeed in. Oscar, using his sound powers to amplify the conversations, discovers the horrible secret of the Covenant. To find out what it is, read ELECTRIC WARRIORS #3!

Orlando Gets Dark and Brutal with ELECTRIC WARRIORS #3

Orlando doesn’t pull punches with this series. Firstly, we have simmering tension of the animals and humans of Earth. Then, the brutality of the fight pit. Now, the truth of what’s done to Electric Warriors when they’re done fighting! These revelations don’t bode well for any of the living Electric Warriors. All of this is overseen by Firestorm, who is incredibly removed and cruel. The darkness the Electric Warriors face has only escalated since the first issue, and I get the sense there’s more to come. There’s a lot to be said about empire and what people will do when they have power.

The cruelty of Firestorm and his Covenant can and should be brought down. While he may be saving the universe from brutal wars, it’s at the cost of these Electric Warriors. Orlando is telling a great story about the price of power and constant conflict: humanity. What does the humanity of one person mean against the good of everyone? Is it worth it to sacrifice the one to save the lives of the many? Firestorm says yes; however, the sacrifices may disagree.

Travel Foreman Makes It Beautiful

ELECTRIC WARRIORS #3 page 5. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Foreman’s art and Hi-Fi’s colors make for an artistic contradiction to the tone of the series. The light pencils and bright colors belie the dark events taking place around the Electric Warriors. There’s a lot of neon in ELECTRIC WARRIORS #3 — for example, the fight scenes are brightly lit. Even when the Warriors skulk around, the art style doesn’t change. It’s a nice artistic juxtaposition, one that demonstrates that even if things look shiny and terrific, what’s underneath the surface tells a different story. There can be darkness in the bright lights, and the art services this metaphor well.

Can the Warriors Save Themselves?

With the revelations of ELECTRIC WARRIORS #3, the Warriors find themselves in a difficult position. Can they talk sense into Firestorm? If not, can they fight their way to freedom against an entire planet? What about the worlds they represent? What will happen to our heroes? The intergalactic politics involved also play a key factor, as these fighters may set off a war if they rebel. Orlando and Foreman are telling a great story, and I can’t wait to see what happens to these characters next!

ELECTRIC WARRIORS #3 by Steve Orlando, Travel Foreman, and Hi-Fi
ELECTRIC WARRIORS #3 is a dark book, as we see what happens to the Electric Warriors after death. The brutality these people face so that their worlds can have peace is a lot, and it's only a matter of time before they rebel!
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Shocking Revelations!
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