On March 16, fans of THE ELDER SCROLLS: ONLINE discovered an interesting tweet, likely teasing the release of a Summerset Isle expansion.

In case you’re wondering, Queen Ayrenn is the High Queen of the Altmer and leader of the Aldmeri Dominion, an expansionist union of elves and their allies. In the brief clip above, we see a letter signed with her name, promising “exciting news to share as soon as the time is right” and “a royal announcement of great significance to us all.”

Ever since the release of ELDER SCROLLS: ONLINE, fans have been speculating about a Summerset Isle DLC. Could this be the moment we’ve been waiting for?

About Summerset

For those that don’t know, the Summerset Isle is the homeland of the Altmer: arguably the oldest and most magically advanced race in Tamriel.

We haven’t seen the isle since the first game in the series, ARENA. Even so, this was long before the lore and backstory of THE ELDER SCROLLS took shape. Since then, it’s been described as a beautiful, alien place. There are ruins made of coral, skyscrappers made of colored-glass, and advanced, magical technology like sunbirds.

In ESO, we caught a glimpse of the Altmer’s homeland with Auridon: an island off the coast of the mainland. Unfortunately, it was nothing like previous descriptions, with grey, washed out cities and generic fauna. Thankfully, the game’s art style has improved since its release, with each new zone breathing life into the strange land of Tamriel.

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I remain cautious, however. Unlike the Morrowind expansion, which was based on a pre-existing game, Zenimax will have to do the leg work bringing this place to life. This isn’t a tiny border region, or a smaller island off the coast. This is The Summerset Isle: a place even Bethesda has been reluctant to describe in recent years. The mystery of Summerset has been growing since 1998, when most of the current lore began.

Zenimax has a choice: to embrace the creative strangeness of THE ELDER SCROLLS, or pull another Auridon.

Seriously, what the hell guys?

Hopefully, with this new expansion fans of the Altmer can get the home they deserve.

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