You may not think you need a Plastic Man story in your life right now, but the first issue of his all-new miniseries will surely change your mind! In an eccentric tale from writer Gail Simone, PLASTIC MAN #1 kickstarts a refreshing and eccentric new mystery that showcases one unlikely hero.

Eel O’Brian spends his days working as a thief and part-time strip club owner. However, when duty calls and implores him to seek out corruption, he takes it upon himself to find the answers he seeks as a superhero with the ability to stretch any part of his body. If you’re looking for a good time, dive into PLASTIC MAN #1 to embark on an adventure with a hero who doesn’t always follow the rules!

plastic man #1
PLASTIC MAN #1 page 4. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Bouncing Back From the Dead

Though PLASTIC MAN #1 tends to be a lively issue, it presents quite the grim beginning. The first few pages depict Eel getting beat up by some guys he claims to be his best friends. In reality, they are his business associates. Not too long ago, they all worked on a factory heist that went awry when Eel and a guard got shot and killed.

Fortunately for Eel though, he managed to come back to life due to his stretchy abilities. Now though, his buddies are making sure he doesn’t breathe a word about the botched heist. In order to ensure he doesn’t, they break his kneecaps.

If that wasn’t enough of a problem for Eel, he also doesn’t remember anything about the heist. So, he decides to take it upon himself to figure out what went down and who killed that guard.

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As Plastic Man, Eel interrogates his “friend” Benny, he reveals that Eel was the one who shot the guard. Plastic Man is immediately shocked as he cannot fathom that he would actually kill anyone.

Sometime later, an operative known as Obscura crashes into Eel’s apartment. She claims to need his help on a mission that would expose corrupt teams of metahumans, police forces, and government agents. Eel is initially reluctant since he’s got his own problems to worry about. However, when Eel discovers his “buddy” Benny’s dead body with the letters “JLA” inscribed in blood beside it, Eel takes it upon himself to discover whether or not the Justice League truly is responsible for the murder.

plastic man #1
PLASTIC MAN #1 page 5. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Fallen Allies

The conclusion of PLASTIC MAN #1 certainly brings an unexpected twist to the table. With it, Simone establishes a solid beginning to her miniseries. She also sets up an unconventional story of heroism. Eel O’Brian isn’t exactly the archetypal hero nor the most popular amongst comic book readers. Ultimately though, his characterization is unique and leads an engaging narrative that will attract fans of the character in addition to newcomers.

Plastic Man may not be the hero you would expect to go on an undercover mission to expose a corrupted Justice League. He arguably isn’t even equipped for the job! Either way though, we can be sure that witnessing him pursue this mission will be a hell of a fun time.

plastic man #1
PLASTIC MAN #1 page 6. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

The Many Hues of PLASTIC MAN #1

Unfortunately, one of the weaker aspects of PLASTIC MAN #1 lies in its artwork that tends to look a little shabby. Though artist Adriana Melo often exemplifies the issue’s quirkiness in images such as Plastic Man morphing into a bouncy ball and Wonder Woman, the art as a whole tends to lack cohesion. Backgrounds tend to lack detail, which makes it difficult to engage in Eel’s world.

Also, the representation of some characters appears inconsistent throughout. This is particularly apparent in the opening sequence where Eel is getting beat up; most of the characters appear quite differently throughout the panels.

Interestingly though, Eel O’Brian as Plastic Man is not one of those characters.  Melo consistently depicts Plastic Man in an energetic manner that truly sets him apart from all other figures in the narrative.

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On the other hand, colorist Kelly Fitzpatrick’s work is a stand-out aspect of the issue. She juxtaposes grim backgrounds with vibrant depictions of characters. This method parallels the narrative that maintains humor as well as mature content.

So, overall, the artwork of PLASTIC MAN #1 has room for improvement. Though, it still has plenty of engaging aspects.

What Lies Beyond

PLASTIC MAN #1 is an awesome start to the miniseries that many may not have thought they wanted to read. It’s got the humor, action, mystery, and quite the unconventional lead character. Most importantly though, it kicks off an unexpected storyline that puts the Justice League as we know it in peril.

Now, we must stay tuned to see if Plastic Man successfully discovers the threat and ends it.

What’s not to love?

PLASTIC MAN #1 by Gail Simone, Adriana Melo, & Kelly Fitzpatrick
PLASTIC MAN #1 kicks off its titular hero's miniseries on a strong note with a work abundant with humor and heart.
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