By Joshua Birch for ComicsVerse

The cover to Edge of Spiderverse 4 is such an astonishing throwback to the horror comic book genre around the 1950’s-60’s and and very much reminded me of some comics I had when I was a little kid, this issue’s cover is also very different than any other Spider-Man covers we have ever seen. But the same can be said about the story that is inside once we open this issue.

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One amazing feature about Edge of Spiderverse 4, unlike like any other in this series so far, is that it tells us the origin story from start to finish and its all crammed into one, whereas the other ones had flashbacks. This Spider-Man is called Patton Parnel, and although there are some crystal clear references to the Peter Parker story, a lot of the elements in this story is twisted and demented creating a quite disturbing horror comic.

The creative artwork here in this comic stands out more than others. Our main character, Parnel is seen as someone without much emotion at all like a Blank. It helps harden his cold, dark way of approaching his strange and scientific world, which clearly makes him different or even some might say inhuman before even the transformation into this actual monster monster. As the cold face of Parnel switches vastly into more devious expressions and emotions, he finally transforms into the Man-Spider.

I found Edge of Spiderverse 4 particularly disturbing and quite disgusting, especially as I was reading about and seeing this character that I have loved for years now. In fact, I found out that I was actually reading about the villain, the monstrous side of him. There really wasn’t anything amazing about this character,he never really questioned his choices no matter if they were bad or not and he never weighed his options, proving to be this psychopath from the start of this comic. Does Morlun’s presence at the end of this story help destroy the universes of killer Man-Spiders?

I think that this story takes our original and typical Peter Parker story and just flips this world upside down, creating something demented and evil, and going it quite effectively. This is not the typical comic that I would read out of choice, but some parts of this story were actually worth the read. For me I found that this issue a bit too disturbing and not for me.

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