Drunk Comic Book Origins: Spider-Man

On December 18th, 2016, Anna Garcia drank an entire bottle of wine and attempted to retell the origin of Spider-Man (the original comic storyline, not the movie version). Spider-Man has always had, in my opinion, the best narrative construction of any superhero. He checks all the boxes of the “perfect” situational storytelling for any young hero:

  • Complex, vulnerable, and tragic lead in Peter Parker, check.
  • An outcast in high school who gets superpowers, check.
  • Lives with an older woman allowing him to get away with sneaking around, check.
  • A balance of villains who are people close to him and those he has never met before, check.
  • A supporting cast that is as interesting as he is (Harry, MJ, Gwen, etc.), check.
  • Contained to one city (more grounded than trying to saving the world), check.
  • Easy to follow storylines, check.

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On the most fundamental level, there is no better hero to write. So naturally, I figured why not try and retell the original comic origin? No, that wasn’t good enough; let’s try and retell this story while intoxicated…

This is ComicsVerse’s new series, Drunk Comic Origins!

Anna Garcia is a Screen Arts student at the University of Michigan and also happens to be a good friend of mine. She graciously volunteered to be our drunken storyteller and throughout the experience continued to make the claim that she was “on an adventure!” Anna has always been a big fan of the web slinger and was able to give a somewhat accurate rendition of the original story. The basic plot points that we covered were:

  • Pre-powers Peter Parker
  • The spider bite incident
  • Selfish post-powers/pre-Spider-Man Peter Parker
  • The tragic loss of Uncle Ben
  • Peter’s transformation into Spider-Man
  • A rundown of the supporting characters

All story rights are reserved to Marvel. At the end of the day, this is a spoof. The following is brought to you by ComicsVerse.com and is a Mid-Youth Crisis Production. Drunk Comic Origins contains explicit language. Please Drink Responsibly.

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