travis langley

We had a great time this summer at Wizard World Philadelphia 2016! We had the opportunity to speak with many interesting people in the comic book industry and Dr. Travis Langley might be one of the most interesting men we interviewed.

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Dr. Travis Langley received his bachelor of arts in psychology from Hendrix College and both his Master’s and Ph.D. in experimental social psychology from Tulane University. With his extensive education in psychology, Dr. Langley found himself needing to write about the psychology of superheroes. He cites his inspiration from the writer and editor Danny Fingeroth. Throughout the interview, Dr. Langley shares his thoughts on several characters such as Batman and The Riddler! Dr. Langley also speaks on the course that he has taught and currently teaches on the psychology of comic books and science fiction.

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Dr. Travis Langley has written many books on the same topics he teaches in his class. Some of his works include: BATMAN AND PSYCHOLOGY: A DARK AND STORMY KNIGHT, THE WALKING DEAD PSYCHOLOGY: PSYCH OF THE LIVING DEAD, and STAR TREK: THE MENTAL FRONTIER.

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