Publisher Double Take, an offshoot of Take Two Games (you know, the folks behind those awesome BIOSHOCK and BORDERLANDS games), are at it again.  The impressive up-and-coming company has already taken the comic world by storm by offering their comics in 10-issue bundles (perfect for the modern-age Netflix binge-culture).  The first 10 are available for free online at Double Take’s homepage.

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Now, they’re stepping up and offering a chance to view all of their #2 issues- that’s another 10 full issues- for free, one issue per day.  Here’s their full announcement:

As a holiday gift to fans and future fans alike, Double Take will be allowing free access to all 10 of their 2nd issues. The titles will rotate over the next 10 business days. Starting at 4pm EST each business day, a new title will be available for 24 hours! Fans who are interested need only to head over to starting at 4pm today, December 2, 2015!

Today’s free issue is Medic #2: Undead on Arrival.

As always, all 10 1st Issues are always free at and through Comixology.

Those of you who haven’t caught the bug yet can get caught up really fast!


The comics take place in the fictional Evans County, Pennsylvania, in a universe that is shared by THE NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.  The 10 titles span all kinds of locations and characters, from DEDICATION, which focuses on the employees of a grocery store, to MEDIC, which, as one might assume, focuses on a hospital.  There’s SPRING, which follows some college kids at a beach, and Z-MEN, one of Double Take’s most popular titles, which is soon to be a movie from Lionsgate!  The way zombies affect each of these characters and locations makes for a lot of variety for this take on the zombie genre.  Even better, there’s constantly hidden secrets popping up in the background- ghosts and aliens, for example.

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If you aren’t reading Double Take’s titles yet, you owe it to yourself to start.  Any fan of THE WALKING DEAD will appreciate the extended universe that Double Take is offering- because each set of characters has their own location, scenes can be explored more fully.  Plus, this creates a lot of opportunities for crossovers that THE WALKING DEAD doesn’t allow for.

So, get to reading some free comics- and Happy Holidays!

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