Cover of REMOTE #2 from Double Take Comics

Have you ever heard of a sophomore slump?

Well it doesn’t apply to Double Take Comics.

Their second issues have been pretty uniformly better than their first issues- though not perfect, there is a major improvement in the quality of the art, writing, and overall feel of the books.

REMOTE #2 is no exception to this, offering a great example of the different new ways that Double Take is willing to use the zombies from the NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD universe.

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Before you open the book, your eye is going to be immediately caught by the cover- our protagonist covering herself with the American Flag.  As the issue continues and she is given the go-ahead to control all content on the radio/TV station she finds herself stuck in, we can see a bit of the good old American ideal of freedom of speech will be a major theme for this particular title.

With plenty of zombies to go around, this title is extremely interesting.  Though not the most violent or graphic book in their line-up, this is one of the set-ups that I find the most entertaining- a lone woman with a job to do trapped in isolation and surrounded by the undead corpses of her former colleagues- the tension writes itself.  And yet, our protagonist is spunky and faces all of this with a can-do attitude that’s really quite surprising.  I suppose she doesn’t have much choice, and is as safe as she could possibly be where she is, so her attitude must come from a lack of other options.  Nonetheless, her adaptability is incredible.

Remote Soundbooth

As previously mentioned, we see the zombies used in a creative way- not only being utilized by the writers, but by our protagonist.  I don’t want to spoil anything, because the experience of reading it for the first time is quite interesting.  That’s one of the things that I like best about Double Take’s comics- there have been more than a few times where a panel will make me double take and find a new detail or new understanding about the meaning of the illustration.

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With our protagonist owning the airwaves and her boss in luxurious safety some hundreds of miles away, it’s anyone’s guess how things will continue to develop.  I, for one, would like to eventually see her boss get some kind of comeuppance, and with a zombie story, death is never off the table.

If there’s a down side to this book, it’s that it is very character-heavy, and not very plot-heavy.  It is great in combination with the other Double Take titles, because it helps provide a lot of information about the ghouls and what’s going on throughout the world.  However, this may not interest everyone.  If you’re looking for a book that looks at the way a world with zombies might continue to function, then this is a book you’ll want to check out.  If you’re looking for zombie action and gore, then you might be disappointed by this particular title.

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