In issue #2 of Matthew Summo’s DEDICATION, we get a huge look at one of the abilities of Double Take’s zombies.  Trip and his coworkers are still trapped in the grocery store, which has been overtaken by zombies.  How will the living fight the dead?

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To be quite honest, I want to dive right into this issue, because it’s left me pretty enthusiastic.  Matt Summo’s writing blends detail, humor, and plot into a great issue overall.  His characters all have very characteristic behavior, although sometimes the voicing feels similar.  Upon a closer look, I feel like this may be a result of the lettering.  This isn’t ultimately too distracting, but it was something that felt a bit off.

Nonetheless, this manages to be an informative issue, as well.  In an interview with Matt Summo, he gave me a bit of a hint as to a hidden easter egg- and I found the invisible person lurking in the pages of this issue as a result.  Previously, I had called these occurrences “ghosts” when I’d found them in other issues, but the appearance of this invisible person makes me feel like a different title may be more appropriate.  S/he is standing amidst a number of what we’ve come to accept as zombies… but I’ve previously theorized that these zombies are going to be more along the lines of an extraterrestrial possession variety than the traditional undead.  Perhaps he is an alien life form that is overseeing the zombies, or is merely observing what’s going on.  It’s hard to say for sure, and this is just speculation.

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One of my favorite parts of the issue, which best showcases the artist, is the sequence during which a severed hand makes its way, like Thing from THE ADDAMS FAMILY, back to its owner.  The hand then fuses back to the arm it came from.  This is clearly evidence that these zombies are related to the space worms I’ve noted in previous issues.

It also seems like there are two different types of alien zombie.  There are those who were dead and then infected, and those who are infected while alive.  It seems like those who are infected while still alive exercise more control and awareness than their dead counterparts.  It’s possible I’m reading a bit too much into a few things, but that’s a theory for now, anyways.


The issue ends on a pretty shocking note in any case, and in combination with the gory severed-hand scene, as well as some pretty excellent dialogue (the rant from the grocery store owner was particularly entertaining), this is a pretty great issue overall.  In terms of plot, not a lot happens, but there are a few interesting developments that make the issue a fun read.  I have a feeling that issue 3 will provide a few more revelations for us with Trip and his friends, as they still have yet to vacate the grocery store.  How they’ll do so and when is anyone’s guess.

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