Double Take comics launched a new comic book universe based on the horror classic, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD in September 2015. The first 10 stories, all issue 1’s, began in this undead universe. Some characters and events are directly linked to the film, while other tales are brand new, expanding the zombie mythology, one shuffling corpse at a time. In November, they launched 10 issue 2’s carrying on these horrific tales. In February, this year, they will be releasing their 3rd issues.

Double Take

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In celebration of this exciting news, Double Take has announced that starting today all of their 1st and 2nd digital issues will be free of charge via their website! Yes, free digital comics about zombies!

These comics can be purchased, for free, from If you enjoy them (of course you will), you’ll be delighted to know that they are offering their 3rd issues, all 10 of them, for $20. These are available to pre-order, and you can sink your teeth into them once they are released on the 24th of February. If you’d rather read individual issues instead, no problem! Double Take has you covered there too.

Double Take

Double Take General Manager Bill Jemas explains the move:

“In my days at Marvel we sampled over 6 million physical copies of Ultimate Spider-Man, today, the most efficient and effective way of promoting a new comic book is through digital sampling. Online readership is largely complementary to physical readership. We are so proud of our upcoming 3rd issues, that we wanted to share the rest of our work in anticipation of their release.”

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There are 10 Titles to choose from:

Z-Men: Dead and/or alive. LBJ orders the Secret Service to bring him back a Zombie. This should be easy…

Spring: Hot sun, hot babes, and the cold decaying flesh of the zombie horde.

Home: A happy family, a lovely spring evening, and zombies. The family that faces zombies together stays together.

Dedication: Thanks to some hungry customers, the closing shift at George’s Market has turned into a graveyard shift.

Remote: As ghouls surround her station, KBRF Radio ace DJ Samantha stays on the air all night. Will Rock & Roll save her soul?

Honor: Protect. Serve. Beat. Burn. Rinse. Repeat. If you get pulled over by these cops, get ready to hand over your license, registration, and death certificate.

Soul: The posse shoots to kill, but Ben survives. Too bad it’s all downhill from here. As the tale unwinds, Chief McClelland and the posse suspect that Ben may not be telling them the whole truth.

Rise: They’re coming to get you, Barbara. An old story with a new end and a new beginning.

Medic: Doctors, and nurses, and zombies, oh my! These patients just won’t die!

Slab: Even a Brain a-day can’t keep this doctor away.

Double Take

So what are you waiting for? Read all 1st and 2nd Issues FREE at then jump on board for the exciting 3rd issues!

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