Welcome to the Double Take Universe! Since September of 2015, Double Take has launched 3 successful comics campaigns, offering comics fans a Super Pack of 10 titles (named Genesis). These titles focus on their Universe. While each one can be read on their own, the overall arc deals with the emerging threat of a zombie epidemic. Each issue was launched on the same date, giving eager fans the chance to read them all at the same time.

Another zombie comic?

But this is no ordinary horror series. This is set in the world of George A. Romero’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, the father of modern zombie cinema. Double Take takes the story of NIGHT and expands upon the undead experience. The titles take aspects of the zombie uprising and run with it. Some of these titles deal with the local town’s reactions to threat, while others focus on how the police and government discover how the dead are coming back to life. One title, SOUL, shows what happens next in the house that was the focus of the original film (and there’s a great twist in that one too).

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Double Take has just announced their fourth Super Pack, Genesis IV, on Kickstarter. While this series won’t be ready until June, they are offering comics fans the chance to pre-order the Pack and beat the rush. The titles in this Pack are:


Double Take
Preview of Soul #4

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To get on board, simply go to their kickstarter page and see what’s on offer. If you want a taste of the Double Take Universe you can check out issues 1 and 2 of each series for free here. Comics for free and the chance to pre-order what could be your new favorite series? Double Take has you covered. If you’re a fan of horror, zombies, or just good comics, check them out and support Genesis IV now.




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