Double Take Comics officially launches all ten of their comics today!

In a move that is unheard of, Double Take Comics, a Take Two company, is launching ten debut #1 issues simultaneously.  Not only are these ten #1 issues all being made available at the same time, they all exist within the same universe.  From the very beginning, these titles will cross over, interact, and weave in and out of each other.

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With a handy map at the back of each issue, you can follow where the comic you’re reading is taking place in fictional Evans County, Pennsylvania.  Those who are looking for a recommended reading order need only look at the date and time listed at the beginning of each issue.  Having read a couple of them myself, I can say that those who read through all ten will find themselves on quite a ride.

The universe these comics are set in doesn’t only link the ten comics.  It is also connected to the classic George A. Romero zombie film NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.  This might invite the comparison to The Walking Dead, but from the beginning, you can tell that it’s got a bit of a different feel.

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All ten issues are currently available online at, but if you don’t pick up the paper copies, you’ll miss out on an awesome opportunity for some autographs from Double Take Comics’ creative team!

That’s right!  They’ll be at the Midtown Comics Downtown, 64 Fulton Street, New York City on Thursday, September 17th.  Get down to Midtown Comics and make sure that you pick up some autographs right from the creators.  The signing starts at 7 PM, so make sure you head on over after school or work.

Seriously, check it out.  By starting off with a shared universe, Double Take is doing something that is unprecedented in comic books.  You’re witnessing history in the making, and you can get in on it from the start.

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