Double Take, the publishers behind the massive NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD comic universe, are making sure that you have a happy holiday.

Giving away free comics is nothing new to the newcomer to the comics scene- they launched with free digital #1 issues of all of their titles, and recently offered free digital copies of their #2 issues- albeit for a limited time.

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Showing us that they’re not done with the holiday spirit, Double Take is now offering access to ALL of their #2 issues for FREE!  The only catch (if you can call it that) is that you need to register on their site.

Yes, in exchange for a name and an email address, you can access 20 issues of some of the coolest new series to hit shelves- not only in comic stores and online but at Barnes and Noble as well!


“But I already bought the super packs!” you might be thinking.

No worries- I can understand not wanting to reread something you already have.  But you have definitely NOT gotten the full experience if you haven’t read the likes of HOME, SOUL, or Z-MEN in their original format.

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Reading the comics digitally is akin to watching a TV show- the action blends much more fluidly as you click through panel-by-panel, rather than reading from panel-to-panel across a page.

Seriously- Christmas spirit is in abundance in the comic world, and a lot of that is flowing through Double Take.  What other publisher is offering you unlimited access to their comics?

The best part?  Once you’ve fallen in love with the mysterious universe that they’ve set up, you’re going to want to make sure you pick up their super packs.  Unlike those other publishers, Double Take is taking comics back into collectibility.  With limited releases, there’s only a set number of copies of each issue in circulation- and no variant covers.  What this means is that, while each of THE DARK KNIGHT III’s 100-something variant covers is virtually worthless, the value of each issue of Double Take will only increase in value as they become harder to find.


Oh, and a special sneak preview?  I’ve been let in on a little secret.  While Double Take’s first 20 issues (made up of 10 individual series) are all set at the outbreak of the living dead, I’ve seen some concept sketches for things to come.  Let’s just say that Double Take isn’t satisfied with building a universe set in the 60’s, and will be showing us what the NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD universe looks like in the modern day.  And let’s also say that ghosts, aliens, and zombies are not the only genres that Double Take is trying to explore.

All this is to say- Get in on the ground floor, and enjoy the ride.  You can do so for free, now, at Double Take’s website.

Merry Christmas!

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