DC Comics’ Geoff Johns released this DOOMSDAY CLOCK video today! Earlier this year DC Comics revealed their controversial decision to integrate the WATCHMEN characters into the DC universe. The architect of the New 52, hinted at in the DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH special and confirmed in the crossover “The Button,” is Doctor Manhattan of the WATCHMEN. While some fans rejoiced at the chance to see more of the beloved Watchmen, others balked at the possibility of marring the acclaimed series by revisiting it. If the six-page preview of DOOMSDAY CLOCK released at New York Comic Con is anything to go by, any fears I had were well allayed.

The preview feels like a masterful work, set in the WATCHMEN universe and paying homage to the original in just the right way. While some fans might not agree with some of the choices, most would agree that stylistically, it lands right on the mark. To show just how well-thought-out the story truly is, DC Comics released a video in which the head of the company, Geoff Johns, gives a detailed tour of the six pages, showing the time and effort put into getting this story just right. This DOOMSDAY CLOCK video preview is what any fan needs to get excited about the upcoming DOOMSDAY CLOCK #1!

doomsday clock video


In the video, Johns walks the viewer through his take on the WATCHMEN world, including his decision to set his story there. He points out easy to miss details of the already apparent parallels between the DOOMSDAY CLOCK preview and WATCHMEN. He talks about the familiar characters, and where they all are now, before arriving at the big reveal of the preview: the narrator is Rorschach. Long thought dead, he somehow ended up in prison after the events of WATCHMEN, and I for one cannot wait until we get the opportunity to see how he survived. Hardcore WATCHMEN fans might dislike this tampering with the perceived end of the original, but they should know by now: nothing ever ends.

DOOMSDAY CLOCK #1 comes out on November 22nd, 2o17. You’ll find the full New York Comic Con preview below.

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