DOOM PATROL #10 by Gerard Way and Nick Derington
DOOM PATROL #10 earns the stamp of wonder and weird that the title is notorious for. From mutated civilians, demon squirrels, and mysterious pregnancies, DOOM PATROL never stops the madness.
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Battling The Bizarre!
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DOOM PATROL #10, the penultimate issue of the “Nada” storyline, continues into the weird and bizarre. Gerard Way and Nick Derington are balancing this group of weird and unwanted heroes; pitting the team against a force that no one but the Doom Patrol can take on. It’s still early in the series, but much has been revealed and many mysteries have unraveled. Find out Terry None’s true role, Haxxalon the Star Archer’s plans, and Mr. Nobody’s fight for spreading Nada!

It’s all here in DOOM PATROL #10, read on for the destructive end of our world!

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DOOM PATROL #10: $#!+ is the Future

DOOM PATROL #10 page 9. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

DOOM PATROL #10 picks up just moments after Casey and Terry share a kiss before tumbling out of their apartment window. Finally, Terry None reveals her true role as a potential villain in this issue! Putting on her tap dancing shoes with a new black and white striped outfit, she dances away as the population becomes mutated and inflated. All the $#!+ people ate is finally catching up with them, and it’s up to the Doom Patrol to stop this madness! First, we bounce to Haxxalon the Star Archer in his domain. The plain white figure now seeks a bride for himself. The rest of the team begins investigating Lucious’s room since he’s presumed to be missing by the Renolds family. It’s there that they stumble across the madness going on downtown.

Mr. Nobody continues causing his chaos with a new powered up gang: the Brotherhood of Nada. Also, fans may remember Mr. Nobody from Grant Morrison’s run, as he led the similarly named group: the Brotherhood of Dada. Lucius, the boy magician now fluttering his newly gained powers, fights alongside Mr. Nobody. His frustration with being pushed aside by his parents fuels his wrath, until they talk him down and reform their family. Following that, a squirrel demon reaches out to Lucius to demand the boy reclaim his throne, adding another mystery to the series.

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Understanding the Balance of Doom

Confused dear and beloved reader? Well, it would be lying if to say we aren’t. Overall, DOOM PATROL has been a crazy, zig-zag line of unstable reality and bizarre events sprinkled with madness. Which is perfect! It’s what’s at the heart of the Doom Patrol since it was created and follows every reincarnation of the book. Gerard Way and Nick Derington are at the helm and holding it steady. Who wants a Doom Patrol book to really make sense? They’re utilizing every part of their imagination and creative abilities to bring readers the weirdest of all weird ideas. They’re keeping us guessing with every issue and the ball rolling up, down, and around until we can’t believe what just happened.

DOOM PATROL #9 page 10. Images courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Overall, Gerard Way has complete control over this team. Running a book with such odd and complex characters can often result in a mess. The fluidity between pages and moments doesn’t miss a beat. Nick’s artwork continues to cement his name in the comic book world. So between the combination of new and old team members, his style gives their run true definition. His knack for creating an enormous amount of odd creatures never stops dazzling us readers.

DOOM PATROL #10 page 12. Images courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Bring On The Doom

Overall, DOOM PATROL #10 can’t go overlooked. As a whole, it’s a great and fun ride that fans of the series will continue to enjoy and will fill them with excitement for what comes next. So the great thing about this series is that every issue brings up a new point and questions that we want to be answered. Bringing back fan favorites like Mr. Nobody and putting their own twist on it just continues to help the universe grow. It’s better to reinvent old continuity sometimes instead of just revamping everything. So, keep reading and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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