DOOM PATROL #8 by Gerard Way and Nick Derington
DOOM PATROL #8 unleashes the creative minds of Gerard Way and Nick Derington. A spectacular new arc of oddities and character building!
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A new kind of strange for a new era
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DOOM PATROL #8 brings out the talented voice of Gerard Way and the extraordinary art of Nick Derington in full force. Gerard finally has a strong grip on the book and its characters, and can now say he’s making his own brand of weird. The new story arc “Nada” is bringing the team together and finally forming a definitive cast for DOOM PATROL. This issue expands a bit more on each character of the book, giving a nice storyline for everyone to follow. Above all, it’s an exciting start as readers of the past seven issues can really see the two creators growing more creatively every month.

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DOOM PATROL #8 page 4. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

T-Minus Till Doom

So far, Gerard Way and Nick Derington continue to expand their new Doom universe in every issue, consistently making it more and more exciting. With morgue-esque filing cabinets holding secret experiments, eyeball-shaped hideouts, altering the DNA of duplicates, and sex with street punk cats, this issue has it all! DOOM PATROL #8 gets weirder by the page. The book starts out with a couple of office workers casually analyzing a hot pink mummified creature, all while discussing office gossip. Then off to Dannyland, Danny the Street’s newest setup.

Crazy Jane, the girl with 64 different personalities, calls on Negative Man for a team meeting. Larry now spends his time sleeping on a couch, attempting to discover the meaning of his existence. Terry None returns from her new job. She and Casey catch Terry’s TV commercial for the newest and hottest product in the market, $#!+. The great new healthy, animal-free, all-natural food additive that makes everything taste amazing. The issue is packed with non-stop DOOM PATROL oddities that the book is known for. Overall, DOOM PATROL #8 will appeal to fans of the book, and make new readers interested to read more.

DOOM PATROL #8 page 7. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.


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Creator Talk

Gerard Way has been on top of the world this past year overseeing the entire YOUNG ANIMAL imprint as well as writing for DOOM PATROL, along with some heavier involvement in CAVE CARSON HAS A CYBERNETIC EYE. He’s already proven himself as a very substantial writer with his other book THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY, which is now becoming a live action NETFLIX series. DOOM PATROL has always been about what could be weirder than weird? Now that things have settled a bit more, the YOUNG ANIMAL books have found a working formula. The transitions between each character are smoother and easier to follow, along with being even stranger than I would have imagined.

His partner for the book, Nick Derington, has kept a consistent art style that gets better with each issue. Every panel is stuffed full of great background imagery. Overall, this mix of reality and punk rock, with out-of-this-world creatures, has never looked this good. He’s not just giving backgrounds and moments; Nick is a strong part of the storytelling process.

DOOM PATROL #8 Page 19
DOOM PATROL #8 page 19. Image courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Final Word of Doom

All in all,  this book is getting better and better with every issue. The character development in this issue skyrockets from previous installments, giving a lot of room to expand on in this arc. Also, Gerard has maintained DOOM PATROL’s roots, along with giving the series its own feeling and style. It’s great seeing this cast of strange characters together again each month. So, we’ll be eagerly keeping up with them as they lead up to a large DC Universe crossover in January!

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