domino #9

Domino is testing her luck in this DOMINO #9 preview! I mean, yeah, she does that a lot, but this time the stakes are just a bit higher. Check out the preview below to see what she’s gotten herself into!

[one_half]domino #9


Published: December 19, 2018

Written by: Gail Simone

Art by: David Baldeon

Cover by: Gang Hyuk Lim

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STAY LOW AND KEEP FIRING! Domino’s luck seems to have a mind of its own sometimes, whether her intentions are noble or not. A very SPECIAL GUEST arrives to show Domino how it’s done!

DOMINO #9 Preview Image Gallery

domino #9 domino #9 domino #9 domino #9 domino #9

domino #9
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