After a brutal battle against Diamondback and Outlaw, the villainous Topaz and Prototype are continuing the hunt for their sworn enemy, Domino herself. Fortunately, Domino is ready. After regaining control of her powers through vigorous training in Hong Kong, our titular mercenary is once again ready for a fight. DOMINO #6 finally gives us that highly-anticipated confrontation, one that will rock Neena Thurman’s world for the foreseeable future.

Writer Gail Simone has given readers a thrilling story since the start of her work on DOMINO. Sadly, all good things must come to an end as this particular arc finds its conclusion in DOMINO #6.

However, fans of this series thus far will be reassured to know that this conclusion is quite a satisfying one.

domino #6
DOMINO #6 page 1. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The Endgame

DOMINO #6 kicks off with Diamondback still recovering from her injuries sustained in the fight against Topaz and Diamondback. Despite those injuries, she and Outlaw are continuing their quest to protect their best friend. Meanwhile, Domino is reveling in the confidence she has regained since defeating the thugs who were seeking a fight with Shang-Chi. In that defeat, Domino ultimately exemplified the belief that she is indeed capable of honing her abilities as though they are just skills.

Unfortunately, Shang-Chi and Domino’s celebrations get interrupted by Topaz herself. Domino can immediately feel Topaz’ hatred projecting onto her, and that hate kind of scares Domino. However, there is no time for fear right now. After Topaz reveals the two’s intertwined histories dating back to Project Armageddon, Domino initially expresses her sympathies.

Unsurprisingly, Topaz rejects it, and the battle begins, but not before Domino knocks Shang-Chi out to fight Topaz on her own.

domino #6
DOMINO #6 page 2. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The Final Act

At first, Topaz attempts to use her power-suppressing abilities on Domino, but thanks to Domino’s training, she blocks her attempts. Focusing on her own spirit, she overpowers Topaz. With an assist from Outlaw and Diamondback, Domino attains the high ground and completes the fight by shooting and killing Topaz.

The conclusion of DOMINO #6 features a conflicted Domino. Shang-Chi suspends their training sessions as a result of her actions in the final battle, leaving their relationship in tatters. Domino also expresses remorse towards the idea that the only ones who truly experienced the horrors of Project Armageddon are now dead. In a way, she feels alone, yet she reminds herself that she does not need to endure her battles alone. She has friends who always love and support her, and that aspect is one of this issue’s best parts.

Yes, Domino is a hilarious character. My favorite quip in this particular issue is when she tells Topaz, “I’m not a superhero. I’m a Disney princess.” Besides her humorous side though, she is a multi-faceted character who is simply trying to find herself. She’s relatable because she doesn’t always get things right the first time. She makes mistakes, but she learns from them and always overcomes.

domino #6
DOMINO #6 page 7. Image courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The Many Hues of DOMINO #6

The artwork of DOMINO has been pretty inconsistent. This issue maintains those inconsistencies, particularly in the action sequences in the portrayals of Domino and Topaz. However, Jesus Aburtov’s coloring shines through the faults.

The sequence that depicts Shang-Chi and Domino riding on a motorcycle through the streets of Downtown Kowloon is absolutely captivating. The colors are dynamic, showcasing Domino’s regained confidence. It is a strong establishment of the issue’s setting.

Despite this arc’s setbacks in its imagery, I do find one particular artistic moment to be integral to DOMINO #6 as a whole. We never actually see Domino pull the trigger and kill Topaz. In fact, the panel cuts to a simple statement of the act.

I like how that moment was excluded from the visuals. I like that Domino is isolated in that pivotal act. We have been on this journey with Domino and, like her friends, we have supported her. However, there are demons that Domino has encountered alone. This is one of them.

Thus, I feel as though the decision to omit the depiction of Topaz’ murder is one that does isolate Domino, but it still gives us insight into her headspace.

What Lies Beyond

DOMINO #6 is a powerful conclusion to a unique Domino story. It is one that allows us to relate to her. It is one that allows us to witness totally new facets of her character as well. Domino is a beloved Marvel character, and this series reminds us why. She’s a badass with a multitude of skills and talents.

Most importantly though, she is an inspiration. She’s hit rock bottom only to soar higher than ever before.

So now, I am ecstatic to see where she flies from this point forth.

DOMINO #6 by Gail Simone, David Baldeón, & Jesus Aburtov
DOMINO #6 is a phenomenal ending to an amazing arc, one that caps Domino's journey of self-exploration in a touching, heartwarming manner.
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