If you missed Gail Simone’s return to Marvel Comics in DOMINO #1, avert your eyes and pick up a copy. Now, if you have been invested in the series thus far, prepare yourself for what lies next! DOMINO #2 raises the stakes for our titular merc as the villainous Topaz and her mysterious, elderly pal make their evil plans known to the rest of the world.

Just like the previous issue, the second installment of the series brings plenty of action and humor to the table. However, the focus digs deeper into Domino herself, revealing new, engaging aspects of her character including her greatest enemy: fear.

domino #2
DOMINO #2. Page 2. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

When You’re All Out of Luck

DOMINO #2 kicks off right where its predecessor left off: with Domino plummeting to her death. In that terrifying moment, she no longer feels the pull of her “lucky” abilities. She actually feels nothing except for the impending doom of her demise.

Now, this sequence is actually one of the issue’s stand-out moments. Simone personifies Domino’s luck as an entity that both protects and taunts its host. The characterization of Domino’s abilities exemplifies an intriguing and unexpected tension between Domino and the luck that has saved her life countless times. It may have initially seemed as though Domino was always in control of her powers. In reality, her luck was pulling the strings and had the option to abandon her at any moment. DOMINO #2 kicks off with the culmination of that moment.

Luckily though, Spider-Man literally swoops in to rescue Domino just in time. Simultaneously, we come to learn that Topaz was the one who robbed Domino of her powers. She ultimately maintains the ability to manipulate an individual’s powers. More specifically, she can change the way one reacts to them. For example, if Professor X wished to read the mind of another, Topaz could manipulate his ability to do so in that Xavier would feel intense pain every time he tried.


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Vulnerability takes on a Terrifying Force of Evil

In regard to the rest of the issue, I don’t want to give too much away. All I’ll say is that Topaz and her mysterious pal are a powerful, terrifying force of evil that catalyze an explosive cliffhanger of an ending in DOMINO #2. Also, I love Simone’s depiction of Deadpool and Domino because it is unexpectedly tender.

Most of all though, I enjoy the portrayal of Domino’s vulnerability. Though she has faced countless villains and battles, she ultimately fears the exposure of her vulnerabilities. She does not wish for others to see her afraid, but the fact that she does experience fear makes her all the more admirable and human.

domino #2
DOMINO #2. Page 1. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The Many Hues of DOMINO #2

Though DOMINO #2’s strength does not necessarily lie in its art, there are some moments worth noting. Firstly, the sequence portraying Spider-Man and Domino on a rooftop overlooking the sequence is gorgeous. Each and every panel from artists David Baldeón and Jesus Aburtov exemplifies dimension and depth. These aspects ultimately parallel the state of the narrative in which Domino is feeling fear and, most likely, isolation.

Thus, the panels exemplify this mindset as Domino appears small and detached in relation to the vast universe.

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Overall though, the art does not maintain this depth. Many sequences lack detail in their backgrounds in addition to inconsistency in character depictions. However, sequences such as the Spider-Man/Domino conversation elevate the work’s imagery a tad more. So, hopefully, upcoming installments in DOMINO present more of these moments that detail the setting of our titular merc’s world.

What Lies Beyond

Domino has come face to face with death. She has come face to face with her deepest, darkest fears. However, despite these defeats, Domino is not willing to go down without a fight, especially when she has her best friends by her side.

Now, Topaz and her mysterious, old friend have made their presence known in their first attempt at murdering Domino. Worst of all though, they are not stopping with their first attempt. Actually, they are willing to stop at nothing to kill Domino.

So, the question that remains is, will Domino be able to stop her foes in time before her luck runs out for good?

DOMINO #2 by Gail Simone, David Baldeón, & Jesus Aburtov
DOMINO #2 is an excellent installment in the series that will make you fall in love with Domino more than you already have.
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