After a fourteen-year-long hiatus from Marvel Comics, acclaimed writer Gail Simone returns to the Marvel Universe with the highly-anticipated DOMINO #1! This first issue takes our titular antihero on some exciting and unexpected adventures, including a surprise birthday party filled with friends, exes, and… enemies.

Simone’s energetic return is full of all the action and humor you would expect in a Domino work, though with a few fun surprises in the mix as well.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the adventures within DOMINO #1!

domino #1
DOMINO #1. Page 6. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

Life’s a Party, Rock Your Body

DOMINO #1 kicks off with Domino having a conversation with an adorable, new puppy. At first glance, the moment is pretty funny. However, there is an underlying sincerity in what Domino is expressing to the pooch. Though her powers of “probability manipulation” have mainly worked in her favor, she believes there will be a day when her luck will run out.

What Domino isn’t expecting at this time though, however, is that her luck would run out much sooner than anticipated. But we’ll get to that later.

Meet Domino: DEADPOOL 2’s New Femme Fatale

Though the issue begins with our titular antihero embarking on an adventurous mission in the Pacific Northwest alongside Outlaw, the bulk of DOMINO #1 focuses on a surprise birthday party Outlaw throws for Domino. The party is filled with familiar faces including Deadpool, Dazzler, plus her ex, Colossus, and it turns out to be a pretty big hit.

Unfortunately though, the sudden onset of painful flashbacks to the time her mutant abilities manifested thwarts Domino’s excitement over the gathering. In her narration, she explains that her powers have provided her with some awesome abilities and opportunities. However, they have been granted to her at the cost of true happiness.

A Day in the Life of Domino

Thus, Simone’s first entry of the series gives readers plenty to ponder regarding Domino’s character. We come to understand that she lives a solitary life, and she claims to enjoy it. Ironically, this perception is juxtaposed by the overarching birthday party in the issue. Therefore, I wonder if Simone will explore Domino’s most integral relationships in upcoming issues and how they have contributed to her livelihood.

There’s also the thrilling cliffhanger of Domino getting thrown out of a building by Topaz, creating a brand new door for our antihero to enter. At this point, we do not know much about Topaz’ motivations or who she is working alongside. However, it is safe to say that the final pages of DOMINO #1, as well as Simone’s characterization of the famous merc, have gripped our attention.

domino #1
DOMINO #1. Page 7. Image Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment.

The Many Hues of DOMINO #1

Artist David Baldeón presents some wonderfully detailed illustrations throughout DOMINO #1. Every line is clean and sharp. I especially enjoy his work on the final fight sequence between Domino and Topaz. The final page, depicting Domino falling out of a building, is particularly impressive. He captures the pace of the moment as well as Domino’s shocked expression.

Additionally, Baldeón excels in the opening action sequences. So, in moments that maintain faster paces, Baldeón nails. In regard to sequences of a slower, more dialogue-heavy nature, he falters slightly.

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In my opinion, a lot of the issue’s imagery lacks dimension. Characters fade into obscurity in many of the backgrounds. This is especially apparent during the birthday sequences where a lot is going on in each panel. I do hope future issues find a balance in their imagery. There must ultimately be a tether between fast-paced fight scenes and slower moments of dialogue that move the narrative forward.

Finally, colorist Jesus Aburtov perfectly encapsulates the tone of the work. I love the way he balances the light-hearted, vibrant colors demonstrated during the birthday party with the monochromatic nature of Domino’s traumatic memories. This depiction sets up the tone for future issues by giving us a hint of what to expect.

What Lies Beyond

Fans have been waiting for DOMINO #1 since the work was first announced months ago. Thankfully, the issue is a satisfying one that will please readers.

Now we have to wait and see what lies ahead for Domino and discover whether or not she’ll even make it out alive of the first issue of her very own solo series!

DOMINO #1 by Gail Simone, David Baldeon, & Jesus Aburtov
DOMINO #1 is a dynamic opening to a narrative full of potentially thrilling possibilities.
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