Back in my younger days, the Hartford Courant – the US’s longest-running continually published newspaper –ran short capsule reviews. They called them “Short Takes” or “Short Takes on Long Runs.” They focused on movies that were out so long or were so “eh” they did not warrant full reviews. Had DOG DAYS come out back then, it would be a PRIME candidate for that kind of review.

In that spirit, I offer you this relatively short review.

Holy Hell Did I Ever Hate the New Film TRAFFIK

So Tell Us About DOG DAYS…

You know those holiday ensemble movies Garry Marshall directed? Valentine’s Day? New Year’s Eve? Mother’s Day? The ones that were kind of like LOVE, ACTUALLY with every drop of charm sucked out of them? (Please spare me your, “Actually LOVE, ACTUALLY is awful takes.” I do not want nor need them.)

DOG DAYS are like “What if those but with dogs?”

And the answer?

Well, the doggos sure are adorable.

Don’t get me wrong, much, if not all, of the cast, is attractive too. Calling out the dogs’ charms was not intended to paint the people in a negative light regarding their physical beauty. I will not call out any of the actors by name. There are simply so many that they alone would put me over my 300 words per section limit. Suffice to say all players turn in sweet, largely inoffensive performances.

In other words, if not for the dogs, this would be a gentle boring profile of the mostly young, fit, and pretty living upper middle-class existences in Los Angeles. One teen character says his family does not have the money for a tutor and he’s been raised by a single mom so he’s the upper-middle-class exception. One character is in his 60s so he’s the exception to the young. Otherwise, though, the generalization checks out.

There’s nothing hateful about it. That’s something.

DOG DAYS: Elizabeth
Nina Dobrev pets two dogs in DOG DAYS. That’s all she does. For two hours. (Courtesy of LD Entertainment)

That’s a Wrap!

An inconsequential and inoffensive offering. It’s impossible to hate and you might feel yourself even liking it at times. However, it is the kind of like that comes from watching generally decent people walk through the world being generally decent. Nice to see in the world, but not exactly the kind of thing I need to shell out for seeing at the multiplex. On the other hand, the dogs sure are buckets of sweet.

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