Marvel’s Doctor Strange is a fast emerging favorite in the MCU. Re-exploring the franchise,   Doctor Strange has proved himself to be a surprisingly key aspect of the MCU universe going forward. Marvel’s Doctor Strange has established himself as one of the more important characters of phase 3 due to his abilities, insights and his connections to magic and parallel universes. Here we examine how Strange has progressed into a key character and is arguably Marvel’s latest MVP.

1. You’re a Wizard, Stephen Strange!

While most Marvel heroes have considerably more powerful abilities, Doctor Strange’s powers set him apart from his peers. Strange’s abilities rely heavily upon magic and the ability to manipulate the forces of the universe. While this has resulted in some imaginative visuals such as mystic bolts and scattered energy, these powers allow Strange greater control over his environment. Strange’s powers often appear through spells and incantations, and such abilities put him at an advantage over both his enemies and peers. The extent of Strange’s powers also affect the realms of time and space as well. In both THOR RAGNAROK and INFINITY WAR, we witness Strange’s ability to both predict events before they happen and set them in motion. The scope of Strange’s powers indicates a character that’s powerful in terms of action and storytelling as well.

Marvel's Doctor Strange
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

2. Doctor Strange Is Marvel’s Coolest Traveler

Upon his introduction into the Marvel franchise, Doctor Strange’s origin story established a universe of its own. The core of Strange’s journey is learning how to tap into the astral plane to better hone his abilities. This leads to elements of his character such as The Eye of Agamotto which factors significantly into his arc. The eye allows Strange not only to increase his abilities but to look into other dimensions. This defines Strange because he has a notable influence on the events following our characters.

Strange’s ties to other worlds also provide the potential for multiple storylines going forward. The multi-universe aspect could allow him to be featured in various other Marvel films, expanding the character’s boundaries. What truly makes his multi-verse connection so notable is that Dr. Strange is perhaps the only Marvel character who can single-handedly determine the outcome of his own fate. This ability was taken advantage of already in INFINITY WAR and it’ll be exciting to see how it’s called upon in future installments.

3. Doctor Strange Is Casting A Spell On The MCU

Despite being new to the Marvel universe, Dr. Strange’s inclusion is already showing a strong influence. Particularly during INFINITY WAR, Strange’s dynamic with Tony Stark provided a good deal of emotion. It’s a credit to the character that he fits seamlessly among the core cast and contributes importantly to the film too.

Strange’s role in INFINITY WAR proved to be influential as he proved to be a formidable match for Thanos. He also observed just how The Avengers is going to win and lose against him. Thanks to both his abilities and insights, Dr. Strange proved himself to be an MVP character during INFINITY WAR. This level of ability and observation shows that Dr. Strange is not just an emerging fan-favorite but a key figure in the MCU.

Marvel's Doctor Strange
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

While there’s no shortage of all-powerful beings in the cinematic universe, Marvel’s Dr. Strange does contain one advantage over them all. Thanks to his ability to look toward the future, Strange is well aware of the various possibilities of each event. By being able to bend space and time, Strange has a more active role in shaping the events of his own story than most Marvel heroes. His insights into the future have the potential to impact not just his story but everybody else’s. This level of knowledge is an important part of Dr. Strange’s arc and how he factors into the MCU as a whole.

4. Dr. Strange Has Vast Potential as a Character

With his increased importance as of recently, Dr. Strange is a Marvel character that’s ripe for potential. The character could easily fit into a team-up film, not unlike THOR RAGNAROK, but could also successfully stand on his own. Thanks to his mystical roots Dr. Strange’s future storylines could go in endless directions. With his own built-in universe, Dr. Strange is a character with quite a sandbox for Marvel to play with. On the whole Dr.Strange’s future storylines open up multiple possibilities that should be exciting to see on the big screen.

Will Dr. Strange Reign Supreme in Marvel’s Phase 4?

With ENDGAME drawing near, there’s been much speculation about which characters will survive and which won’t. Another discussion is which characters will come to be the face of the franchise going forward. Of all our recent characters, Dr. Strange seems to be a potential Marvel frontrunner. Thanks to his sorcerer abilities and intellect, Dr. Strange has proven himself to be a valued member of the Avengers. Not only that but his skills also prove that he’s an adept leader as well. With Marvel shifting in a new direction, Dr. Strange’s unique status could allow him to take a bigger role in the franchise going forward. Also, I mean the guy’s a full-on wizard and wizards are always cool in my book.

Marvel's Doctor Strange
Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

The Marvel franchise is constantly evolving and will continue to do so. With so many characters it can be hard to keep track of them all but with his all-powerful nature, Doctor Strange has established himself as a stand-out. Thanks to his magical abilities, Dr. Strange is a character with vast potential and strong connections to the MCU lore in general. Overall the character’s importance in the franchise is steadily increasing and will make him one to watch in future films. Last but not least, he’s literally magical and that’s still too cool to deny.

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