doctor strange #9

Mark Waid and Jesús Saiz are building up to the 400th issue of DOCTOR STRANGE! With only this issue before the big 4-0-0, what will the Doctor get up to? Who is his mysterious new, but old, foe? Check out the DOCTOR STRANGE #9 preview below to see the beginning.

[one_half]doctor strange #9


Published: December 5, 2018

Written by: Mark Waid

Art and Cover by: Jesús Saiz

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THE DOCTOR IS IN! Doctor Strange is back on Earth and back in the Sanctum Sanctorum! But a villain from his past is back, threatening Greenwich Village and the Sanctum in a way Strange has never been threatened before. Only one more issue until #400, and Mark Waid and Jesús Saiz are setting the dominoes up for a huge 400th issue celebration.

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doctor strange #9 doctor strange #9 doctor strange #9 doctor strange #9

doctor strange #9
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