The DOCTOR STRANGE #14 preview shows the difficulties of being Galactus’s herald. In addition to being the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange now takes on the role of the Hungry One’s herald. As a result, Strange must scour the realms for a planet with enough energy to please Galactus.

However, Strange obviously doesn’t want to let Galactus eat a million people. Therefore, he seeks the help of YKOLON, who supposedly knows of a barren planet with a supple amount of energy. Meanwhile, Clea tries to keep Galactus calm and patient.

Lastly, DOCTOR STRANGE #14 gets even more exciting when the final page of the preview visits Nightmare’s realm. Inside said realm, Nightmare refuses to allow Galactus entry. But something tells me he’ll find a way in no matter what.


Doctor Strange 14


Published by: May 22, 2019

Written by: Mark Waid and Barry Kitson

Art by: Barry Kitson

Cover by: Jesus Saiz

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Clea is back! Doctor Strange’s ex-wife finds him at one of the most horrifying points of his life, with GALACTUS AT HIS BACK! Can the two find a way to save countless lives?

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Doctor Strange 14
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