San Diego Comic Con is a mecca for comic book movie announcements and trailers. As always, much of the focus of the convention is on major films currently in development. This year we got a rare and unexpected treat from the LEGION panel on the convention the first day. At the end of this panel, Noah Hawley, showrunner of LEGION, announced he was developing a DOCTOR DOOM film.

Doctor Doom movie
Image Courtesy of Marvel Comics

Fans become nervous whenever 20th Century Fox touches any character relating to the Fantastic Four. So far, every attempt to adapt the Fantastic Four has failed. However, making a Doctor Doom movie is a stroke of genius by the studio. We have a lot of reasons to celebrate this new announcement.

The Villain: Doctor Doom

Doom is undoubtedly one of the best villains in all of comic book history. From his introduction in FANTASTIC FOUR #5, he was known as a force to be reckoned with. Victor von Doom is one of the smartest individuals in the Marvel Universe, able to combine his knowledge of magic and science to frightening degrees.

Victor was born to a Romani mother and a doctor in the country of Latveria. His parents were taken away from him at a young age, and it was only through sheer force of will that he survived his violent homeland. Doom’s intelligence got him a scholarship to Empire State University with his future enemy, Reed Richards.

After his studies at the university, Doom traveled to Tibet to study magic. Here Doom attempted to crack interdimensional travel, but the experiment ended up, quite literally, blowing up in his face. Victor clad himself in heavy armor to mask his scars and failures.

Doom defeats The Avengers. Image Courtesy of Tyler Walpole

Much like Tony Stark, Doom represents the height of human ingenuity. He can accomplish anything he puts his mind to. This is why he returned to his home country of Latveria and successfully lead a revolution in his home country of Latveria, after which he crowned himself ruler of the nation.

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As monarch of Latveria, Doom crafted an idyllic society by erasing crime and poverty. His exceptional skill as dictator of the country then convinced Doom that he was destined to save the world from what he believes is the evil that corrupts it.

I would love to see a proper origin DOCTOR DOOM movie. Like Magneto or Lex Luthor, Doctor Doom is a villain who believes he is on the side of good and justice. He is a villain with a sense of duty and honor.

It would be amazing to see the events that created “Doctor Doom,” and his core beliefs, much like BATMAN BEGINS did with Batman. I want to see a movie about a gifted man whose ego and desire for power prevented bimbo from being considered a hero.

The Creator Of It All


It is unclear at the current moment whether Noah Hawley will direct the film, but it is fair to say that he will write it considering his history. As a TV show screenwriter, his scripts are simply fantastic. When FX first announced FARGO the television series, I never thought anybody could touch the Coen brothers’ cult film.

I was wrong as Hawley’s vision for FARGO was so original and ingenious while also being a fantastic homage to the Coen Brothers’ masterpiece. All three seasons of FARGO have been top notch television.

Noah Hawley created both Fargo and Legion. Image Courtesy of FX Networks

Then Noah Hawley ran 20th Century Fox’s first Marvel television project, LEGION. LEGION was another showcase of Hawley’s skill as a creative force. The psychedelic imagery in the comics inspired the show which tells a fascinating story about David Haller who may have mental illness or extraordinary powers. It packs some intense imagery and weird ideas, but Hawley successfully balances it all to make incredibly compelling television.

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The lessons we should learn from these two shows is that Noah Hawley knows how to work with a wide variety of ideas and concepts. FARGO and LEGION were completely different shows, but he was able to write on both of them, sometimes at the same time.

In FARGO, he wrote some of televisions most compelling villains in recent memory with Billy Bob Thornton’s Lorne Malvo and David Thewlis’s V.M. Varga. Then on LEGION he successfully integrated the Marvel universe into a thoughtful sci-fi drama. All of these achievements are reasons why he’ll be perfect for adapting Doctor Doom.

A Movie Starring A Villain

Noah Hawley may attempt what no person has tried to do in the superhero genre. He is creating a film starring the villain. While villainous characters from the comics have starred in superhero films, they take a hero position in the film. The “villains” of SUICIDE SQUAD fight save the world from a vengeful God.

Then there is Venom, who in the comics is a Spider-Man villain but he will fight Carnage, who is even more wicked than Venom, in the upcoming movie. Hawley should not portray Doctor Doom as a heroic, misunderstood character but as a deeply flawed man who could have done great things.

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The film needs to depict Doom both as a villain and the protagonist of his film. Great movies have successfully represented nefarious figures as the main character from THE GODFATHER to THE WOLF OF WALL STREET. The audience should feel pity for Doom, understand his motivations, but should never want to side with him.

Much like a Walter White or Don Draper, we should enjoy watching Doom because he is an interesting person to watch on screen. If Hawley writes a Doctor Doom movie with Doom as a brilliant but deluded despot, then there is a lot of room for some interesting character study in this film.

If the filmmakers want to have Doom fight a threat worse than him, that is fine. Just never let the audience forget that Doom is a despicable, power-craving, megalomaniac. On the other hand, like Magneto, do not forget to show Doom as a man with good intentions and some honor. Truly the depiction of Doom has to be a balancing act, but I am positive Hawley is up for this challenge.

Final Thoughts On “THE DOCTOR DOOM” Movie

This announcement of a Doctor Doom movie is nothing but good news. Fox has been taking some interesting and creative approaches with some of their superhero projects with LOGAN, DEADPOOL, and LEGION.

Doom is another fascinating character which could be a unique superhero film. It will take some time before we want to see a FANTASTIC FOUR movie. Let’s see Noah Hawley’s take on Doom first.

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