DIVINITY #0 by Matt Kindt and Renato Guedes
DIVINITY #0 is a surprisingly personal dive into the Valiant Universe that leverages its title character's unique perspective.
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Divine Intervention
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DIVINITY #0 is a character driven introduction to the Valiant Universe. Valiant has been releasing a series of entertaining introductory books this past year, such as RAI: A HISTORY OF THE VALIANT UNIVERSE. DIVINITY #0 is by far the most engrossing. Writer Matt Kindt and artist Renado Guedes have crafted a well-rounded first person narrative. Ultimately, DIVINITY #0 epitomizes everything great about Valiant Entertainment. Additionally, it offers a thoroughly enjoyable way to play catch-up with Valiant.

Image courtesy of Valiant Entertainment

Who is Divinity?

Kindt tells the entire issue through the perspective of Divinity, a former Cold War Soviet cosmonaut that can bend matter, space, and time. Like Marvel’s Watchers, Divinity is an all-powerful entity that observes the biggest events of the universe. DIVINITY #0 is set after the fallout from the Stalinverse event. Subsequently, Divinity must ensure that all aspects of the Valiant Universe are in order.

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DIVINITY #0 features a series of vignettes, in which Divinity checks up on what is going on in with various Valiant characters. Therefore, it is essentially a roll call of the publisher’s biggest characters: Bloodshot, Faith, Ninjak, etc. If readers want a broad introduction to all that Valiant has to offer, this is definitely the book to pick up. Kindt diligently checks off all the major Valiant events and covers them with enough specificity to let a new reader jump in.

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Eye in the Sky

Kindt makes this issue special by letting the reader see the Valiant Universe through Divinity’s eyes. As the uber-powerful cosmonaut floats through the various events, we get to hear his unique perspective. Normally, a comic that is almost 100% expositional would be grating and dry. However, Kindt sprinkles in enough of Divinity’s perspective to give the events more weight. Divinity must balance his endless power with his desire to make a change in the world around him. Kindt introduces us to the gamut of Valiant characters, and Divinity has a unique relationship with each one.

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The interconnectivity and relationship threads that Kindt provides make this really feel like a true, lived-in “Universe.” For example, one standout moment is Divinity’s appreciation for Ninjak. Ninjak is a non-superpowered character and an anti-hero. Despite the huge discrepancy in their power sets and the scale of their adventures (Ninjak is a much more street level hero), Divinity is able to relate to the hero. Kindt provides a satisfying glimpse into how the differing levels of Valiant heroes interact.

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Painting in the Past

Additionally, Renado Guedes’ visuals are just as notable and evocative as Kindt’s writing. Guedes’ art perfectly blends realistic painted figures and vivid, dreamlike layout design. He renders each character in realistic, textured detail. As a result, there is a distinct oil-painting feel to each image. Because Guedes makes each panel feel like a piece of classical art, his visuals give the entire comic more dramatic weight.

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Furthermore, Guedes’ art absolutely reflects that this issue is told from Divinity’s perspective. Each page has a soft, blended, and hazy quality. The borders and backgrounds meld together to form wide canvases stretching across each page. Consequently, each page feels like a memory, with events and emotions blending together.

Image courtesy of Valiant Entertainment

Final Thoughts on DIVINITY #0

In conclusion, DIVINITY #0 perfectly combines a Valiant tour and an introduction to the Divinity character. It is a short and sweet package that is the perfect entry point for future Valiant fans. It will be interesting to see how Valiant will incorporate more personal stories and introductions to their universe in future issues.

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