Marvel announced on August 31st 2009 that Disney had bought Marvel for $4 billion dollars. So what does this mean for us Marvel Fans? What can we expect from this? A lot of people were terrified that Disney would kill our favorite characters and in doing so ruin Marvel for us. It wont be until sometime in early 2010 that Disney will officially have bought Marvel so that gives us a lot of time to ponder what is going to happen.


Well we all know that Disney bought Pixar with the intent to use their creative power to help them make better animated movies. And it worked. It is safe to assume that Disney will use that resource to make some pretty good animated Marvel movies. Marvel has self made some animated movies like Iron Man, Dr. Strange, and Hulk, among others, but they have not been anywhere near the top tier in animation. With Disney financing it Marvel will be able to put out some very good animated flicks. Disney also owns Abc so it might not be far fetched to say we might see a Marvel live-action series. Heroes has been a big show for Abc. It brought in a lot of fans that were not fans of the superhero genre before. With Heroes nearinf its possible end it would be a great time for them to start a live-action marvel series to expand on the new fanbase. Disney being one of the wealthiest companies in the world gives Marvel the financial backing to expand on their marketingtechniques. You know how you go in to Wal-Mart or something and you see Jonas Brothers or Hannah Montana on really obscure items? Well, with Disney’s financial backing we can start to see Spider-Man or Wolverine on those kinds of things. This will have a direct affect on the prices of comics books and the quantity of them. Marvel has had to use a different aproach when it comes to selling books lately because of th economy. They have had to make huge hypes of all these events and crossovers in order to sell books and raise prices of some titles to $3.99. Now with Disney in the financial mix Marvel can cut down on restarting books (like Black Panther and Cable) or making new ones (Doctor Voodoo, Dark Reign titles) to cause hype and put out quality books that showcase artist creative abilities without worrying about hyped up events to sell more books. Disney put out the Pirates of the Carribeans, which is not an overly violent series but there is killing, violence, womanizing, etc, so Disney cant be too concerned with its image with children. Disney even owns Miramax who is famous for its Kill Bill movies, which are not at all kid friendly.


A lot of people are very worried about this transaction. And maybe rightfully so. We have grown up with these characters untouched and the way they are for years. Marvel has grown up just as we have in the last decade, Disney has not. Disney still focuses on what the young kids want. Marvel has progressively gotten more mature/adult in their books, going as far to use a ratings system on their covers. X-Force, PunisherMAX, and other mature titles could feel the wrath of Disney’s kid-friendly policies. In order to make comics more appealing to young children, Disney may cut down the viollence and maturity in comics like X-Force. So what does that mean for our favorite writers? Brian Michael Bendis excels at mature detective-like stories. So what happens when Disney says he cant write those anymore? He leaves and goes somewhere else where he can write those stories with with different characters, therefore killing sotries and characters from his time at Marvel that we loved. In the days of the Comic Book Authority we could see Wolverine stabbing someone but could not see exit wounds. There could be blood but it had to be black or green or anything not red. With Disney overseeing the creative process we could see a return to that. Thus, killing the mature stories that Marvel is giving its now adult fan base. The CCA was fine when we were kids reading Generation-X but now we are adults so we want to see books like X-Force. This could cause Marvel to lose a lot of its original fan base.

As we can see the pros and cons both weight equally. Disney could be the greatest thing that ever happened ot Marvel or the worst. We can only hope that Marvel and Disney will listen to its original fans while being able to find ways to market and exploit Marvel’s best characters and bring in more diverse fans. Are you ready for an all-new all-different Marvel?

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