Dark Manning Tales of Mr. Rhee interview at NYCC 2015

At New York Comic Con 2015, ComicsVerse had the pleasure of interviewing a multitude of incredible creators – both writers AND artists – and we're excited to bring you these interviews over the days ahead! These are some of your (and our!) favorite creators in the industry, and you don't want to miss these conversations!

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Dirk Manning is a veteran in the comic book industry and unsung hero of self publishing. He took chances and succeeded where a lot of other creators didn't, and that has afforded him all of the success he has enjoyed since. His book Write or Wrong – which we chatted about at length – serves as an autobiography of his life's journey into the comics industry and, using examples from his journey, explains some of the missteps that less experienced creators can easily make during their attempt to break into the business.

We also spoke about TALES OF MR. RHEE, which is in its second volume with the third coming soon. We talked about how he changed the narrative flow from volume one to volume two, and what we can expect from the next volume when that hits stores. We talked about a potential MR. RHEE movie or television series, whether we'll be getting another volume of his hit horror anthology series NIGHTMARE WORLD, what he feels creators aren't doing well enough to push their careers forward,  and so much more. Manning is a great comic book creator and a great man, and it was an honor to be able to interview him.

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Thanks to Dirk Manning for the interview, and be sure to stay tuned to ComicsVerse for all of our video coverage of NYCC 2015!

(Spoiler, he also agreed to join us on an edition of our podcast! Stay tuned for that!)


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