The breakup of the century just happened! Move away Miley and Liam, we’ve just witnessed a real power couple split. As many are aware now, Marvel Studios and Sony have split up and, as a result, fan-favorite character Spider-Man has found himself a hero stuck between two homes.

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A Broken Home

When the Sony leaks happened back in 2014, we were all ecstatic to learn the possibility of Spider-Man appearing in the MCU. Then came the big day: CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR. After that film, we saw the beginning of a touching mentor/mentee relationship between Tony Stark and Peter Parker. Tom Holland immediately stole the show and, in a few short minutes, solidified himself as a spectacular Spider-Man.

Two solo movies and three guest appearances later, this Spider-Man established himself as a pillar of the MCU and everything seemed great. Then things changed.

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Why Everyone Hates On SONY

Understand that this is a simplification of the situation as, even with all the information out there, we won’t fully know what happened between Marvel/Disney and Sony (click here to learn more). From the report released, it seems what caused the once blossoming relationship between these companies to turn volatile was money. Disney wanted to change the original 5 percent of their financial deal in Spider-Man’s appearances to a 50-50 character stake, meaning they would get 50% of total profit and spending. Sony said no to that deal.

Disney does have a right to come to the table with this proposal. To clarify, it was with the combined effort of both studios, as well as the build up of all previous MCU films, that gave SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME the momentum it needed to break the billion dollar mark. Firstly, FAR FROM HOME was subsequently released a month after AVENGERS: ENDGAME.  Secondly, the movie trailers and previous films had built Peter up as Iron Man’s replacement. Lastly, it answered many questions that ENDGAME left open.  Disney simply asked to build upon their past successes by making future films for 50% of the profit.

These sequences of events caused an uproar in fans saying how SONY single handily killed Spider-Man in the MCU and they should stop being greedy.

Let’s Get Uncomfortable

Now comes the unpopular opinion of this piece. I want to preface this statement by saying I love Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. My favorite hero is Spider-Man. I read his comics, the spin-offs, his villain spin-offs, and watched every incarnation of his television shows. I’m a webhead. However… I’m glad Sony stuck to their guns.

To clarify, I’ve been an avid fan of Disney and what they have created for years. I’ve been to the theme parks numerous times and was a fan when the Disney/Marvel deal went through. Marvel’s movie’s budget grew and had a studio backing their decision to acquire Spider-Man into this new universe. However, this also meant doing something I don’t like: one company having a near-total grasp over a system. The reason I was okay with Sony sharing Spider-Man in 2014 during the leak was simple: Disney didn’t own 20th Century Fox.

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The Big Glove’s Reach

There is plenty lost in the acquisition of Fox to Marvel fans. Returning the FANTASTIC FOUR, X-MEN and more to Marvel is excellent, but it overshadows other aspects of the deal. Namely, Disney also receives Fox’s share of Hulu, meaning that other animation properties like FAMILY GUY, ARCHER, and BOB’S BURGERS all fall in Disney’s hands. As an already powerful company with many other smaller production houses under their belt, this deal just gave Disney control of a massive rival.

Sony stands in a face-off with a Goliath in the entertainment world and are treading carefully. In no way am I calling Sony a small production company. Instead, it is one of the few large companies left that can provide competition to Disney. Sony and Disney are not the only players in the game, as more and more studios are still trying to kickstart their own cinematic universe.

I am a believer in competition and new creative takes on an idea. Most importantly, Sony has proven it can do Spider-Man right with the Raimi films and INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE, one of my Top 5 animated movies. This clash of titans can produce some beautiful work and even be the start of the Spider-Man Cinematic Universe we were promised in Mark Webb’s films. We recently released an article about how the Sinister Six should happen that you can check out here.

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What Now For SONY?

In a perfect world, Sony would sell Spider-Man’s film rights back to Marvel and focus on growing their existing properties. Kevin Feige would get to take Spider-Man to his fullest potential. We’ve previewed the current Spider-Man rise as an Avenger and potentially lead the next few phases of Marvel films. Now, however, that may not happen.

My goal is to point out that Sony isn’t greedy for wanting to take back an existing movie property that’s grossed more than any other film they’ve made. Now we must wait and see if Sony can live up to its bold move and the new standard set for Spider-Man.

What do you think of all this? Do you see my point, or am I missing something? Leave a comment and let me know, as this is a place of discussion. For now, I’ll be watching the scene where Peter and Tony reunite again for the 50th time.

The Debate

Still there are those who seek to oppose my pro-Sony perspective. Tim thinks that almost every take everyone has spit is wrong and we just need to wait and see. Kevin, on the other hand, is all-in on Disney and the MCU.

Where do you come down on it? Let us know via the comments below or at our twitter, @Comicsverse.

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    Dillon Hasting

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