DIAL H FOR HERO #2 BY SAM HUMPHRIES, Joe Quinones, Jordan Gibson
DIAL H FOR HERO #2 is a fantastic issue. With great characters and awesomely nostalgic visuals, this comic is a must read!
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Miguel, the newest holder of the H Dial, and his friend Summer are on the run! The evil forces of the Thunderbolt club are right on their tail, ready to steal the phone for themselves. Never before seen heroes appear in this issue written by Sam Humphries. Featuring the phenomenal artwork of Joe Quinones, this comic is a visual spectacular. Can Miguel protect the magical dial phone? Or will it fall into the wrong hands? Read DIAL H FOR HERO #2 to find out.

Calling Ahead in DIAL H FOR HERO #2

DIAL H FOR HERO #2 opens with our two teens at a diner, bickering over breakfast. As they argue about their limited funds, one of the members of the notorious Thunderbolt club, a man called Barnaby, is spying on them. Under the command of the ominous Mister Thunderbolt, the man waits for his chance to steal the magical rotary phone.

DIAL H FOR HERO #2 page 2.
DIAL H FOR HERO #2 page 2. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Frustrated by the responsibility of the H Dial, Miguel throws the phone off a bridge and into the water. Not the best idea. Quick to dive in, Barnaby desperately grabs the magical device and transforms into a new superhero. Enter Jobu, the Zonkey King. When he starts blasting everything with energy beams, Miguel jumps into action. He takes the H Dial back and dials into another new hero, the Iron Deadhead. The two heroes fight, awesome anime style.

DIAL H FOR HERO #2 concludes with an exciting ending. After the epic battle between Jobu and Iron Deadhead, Miguel and Summer agree to go to Metropolis. Once there, they plan to give Superman the magical rotary phone. Smart idea, but there’s just one problem. In the midst of all the chaos, another member of the Thunderbolt club stole the H Dial. Uh oh.

Next stop: Metropolis….?

Good Friends, Good Foes

DIAL H FOR HERO #2 is a great introduction to the antagonist of the series. We learn a bit more about how this organization operates, and their reason behind stealing the phone for themselves. However, there is still an air of mystery surrounding the thunderbolt club. And that makes them more intriguing as villains.

On the other hand, I’m really digging Miguel and Summer’s relationship. The dialogue sounds so natural, and their playful banter and teenage bickering feel very realistic. With their distinct personalities, they foil each other out nicely. Frankly, these two are so likable together I want to join in on their road trip.

Nostalgia Artwork

The artwork featured in DIAL H FOR HERO #2 is extraordinary. How Joe Quinones is able to create visuals in multiple different art styles is absolutely remarkable. Some pages gave me that fuzzy warm feeling of nostalgia in my chest. Like how Jobu the Zonky King and Iron Deadhead looks so reminiscent of classic animes. By incorporating inspiration from other art styles, DIAL H FOR HERO #2 showcases his range as an artist. 

DIAL H FOR HERO #2 Page 6.
DIAL H FOR HERO #2 Page 6. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Including both color and monochrome in the same panel is usually difficult to accomplish well. Colorist Jordan Gibson masterfully balances both elements on the same page. It’s truly a sight to see. Overall, the artwork is a visual marvel and makes this issue worth checking out.

Final Thoughts on DIAL H FOR HERO #2

Without question, DIAL H FOR HERO #2 is a must read. Right from the start, Sam Humphries does a great job setting up the plotline and building a foundation for this story. I truly appreciate this issue for taking the time to elaborate on the main antagonist of this new series.

If I had to find a weak point in DIAL H FOR HERO #2, it would be when Miguel and Summer are arguing about whether they should return home or keep running. This scene of teenage drama teeters on being overdramatic. Frankly, it was the only moment in this issue where the characters lost their luster.

I can’t rave about the artwork more. Honestly, some of the pages brought me back to old school anime I watched as a kid. The imagery brings the imagination and endless possibilities of the H Dial to life. Even the physicality of the characters themselves looks natural and lifelike.

All in all, DIAL H FOR HERO #2 is a fantastic comic. If you skip on this issue, you’ll truly be missing out on something special.

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