dial h for hero #1
Based on an iconic comic from the 60s, writer Sam Humphries revamps a classic with a modern touch. Miguel is a likable narrator, full of comical wit and youthful energy.
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Meet Miguel, a teenage daredevil with big dreams from a small town. When a magical rotary phone appears, he is granted powers of superheroic proportions. Based on an iconic comic from the 1960s, Sam Humphries revamps the Hero Dial for 2019. Featuring the fantastic artwork of Joseph A Quinones Jr., this thrilling adventure is brought to life by some great visuals. Does this premiere issue do the classic comic justice? See for yourself in DIAL H FOR HERO #1.

Calling All Heroes in DIAL H FOR HERO #1

DIAL H FOR HERO #1 opens with a flashback and a letter to Superman. When Miguel was younger, he was rescued by the Man of Steel. In a vivid memory, the boy remembers the feeling of flying. Ever since then, he has grown into a tenacious thrill seeker, searching for that same rush of adrenaline.

DIAL H FOR HERO #1 Page 3. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.
DIAL H FOR HERO #1 Page 3. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Fast forward a couple years and Miguel is a teenager working at his uncle’s food truck. While working, he meets Summer, a rebellious girl who is known for running away from home multiple times. Both feel trapped in a small town, and dream of adventure and excitement. Quickly, they become friends.

During an amateur stunt gone wrong, Miguel falls into a canyon. Suddenly, a red rotary phone appears to his aid. A voice over the speaker, called the Operator, instructs him to “dial H for hero!” Once he does, a phone booth surrounds him. Meanwhile, every other character in the DC Universe is aware that the Hero Dial has activated.

With the power of the phone, Miguel transforms into a new hero, Monster Truck. Harnessing super strength, he goes on a joyride with his new abilities and his new, albeit short-lived, persona. DIAL H FOR HERO #1 concludes with the Operator telling Miguel to protect the phone at all costs. Who is after the magical phone? Will Miguel need to call for backup? We’ll have to wait for the next exciting issue.

Cheeky Narrator

Miguel acts as the charming narrator of DIAL H FOR HERO #1.  Honestly, he is an incredibly lovable narrator. There is this engaging, youthful energy to his voice. His character is full of wit and frankness. Some parts of dialogue made me feel like I was in the mind of an adolescent.

DIAL H FOR HERO #1 Page 4. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.
DIAL H FOR HERO #1 Page 4. Image Courtesy of DC Entertainment.

Throughout the issue, the open letter to Superman follows Miguel along his adventure. He asks him questions about how he grew up, and if he ever felt stuck and just wanted to fly away. By asking these questions, he is trying to connect with the Man of Steel on a deep level. And in some ways, Superman acts as Miguel’s role model, inspiring him to “be magnificent.” Trust me, you will want to hang out with Miguel after reading DIAL H FOR HERO #1.

Fantastic Visuals

Hats off to Joseph A Quinones Jr. for the exciting artwork in DIAL H FOR HERO #1. As seen through Miguel’s eyes, Superman’s appearance looks like a picture perfect hero. Also, the attention to the character’s fashion choice is a nice touch. Summer, with her tie-dye shirt and edgy hairstyle, fits her personality. Daredevil Miguel’s jacket is similar to Evil Kenevil’s iconic jacket, which makes total sense.

When Miguel transforms into a hero, even the visual style shifts. The imagery is reminiscent of beloved comic book classics from the 80s. What an awesome throwback to this comic’s origins. Also, this highlights the amazing versatility of the artist. If those few pages don’t give you that nostalgic feeling, nothing will. More than just a fresh coat of paint, DIAL H FOR HERO #1 has some great artwork that is worth checking out. 

Final Thoughts on DIAL H FOR HER #1

All in all, DIAL H FOR HERO #1 is one super premiere issue. Despite the story centering around a rotary phone, this classic comic feels modern and fresh. Miguel is a wonderful character with a well-honed wit and charm about him. Also, the artwork is spectacular. The scene where Miguel transforms into a superhero gave me that heartwarming nostalgic joy.

If there was any point of criticism, it’d be a somewhat unoriginal storyline. Two rebellious teenage, itching for adventure outside of a small town? Sounds like an indie film I’ve seen before. However, I’m still interested in Miguel’s future adventures with this magical phone. What hero will he change into next? I’m eagerly waiting for the next chapter.

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