In a city rampant with crime, devils lurk in the night. Fans of the DEVILS’ LINE manga will certainly have heard of the upcoming anime adaptation. The series’ manga has already released ten volumes, building up an incredible story. The anime takes this seinen romance to the screen. DEVILS’ LINE is certain to set a new standard among romance anime. Rather than stick to a strict romance or action focus, the anime mixes the two for a dual narrative.

DEVILS' LINE Yuuki Anzai stares forward with bags beneath his eyes.
Half-devil Yuuki Anzai | Image: Youtube

For those unfamiliar with the DEVILS’ LINE series, it follows a world of devils committing crimes in Tokyo and the police who track them down. In DEVILS’ LINE, devils are more mythical creatures. They make up only .01% of the population and generally are indistinguishable from those around them. Despite their similar appearance, they have a strong lust for human blood. However, they can’t totally hide themselves.

The existence of devils is known to the general public, but not for good reason. Devils are often perpetrators of violent crimes, especially sexual assaults against women. Some are able to repress their desires and lead normal lives. Others are unable to resist. As a half devil, Yuuki Anzai has access to the advanced physical abilities that make devils so strong. Unlike many other devils, he is in control of his powers and uses them to apprehend criminals.

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New Trailer

The Devils’ Line anime is now licensed in North America, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Scandinavia, South Africa, Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands by Sentai Filmworks. The trailer shows off the two protagonists and lovers, Anzai and Tsukasa. Check it out below:

The trailer focuses strongly on the romance between the two, combining careful animation with the manga’s story. In the coming weeks, more information will certainly drop regarding the series. Hopefully, we’ll get even more looks at this mysterious couple!

Can’t Wait for DEVILS’ LINE

DEVILS’ LINE is poised to be one of the most interesting anime of the year. It’s a seinen manga, catering to a slightly older demographic than traditional shonen titles. Because of this, there is a much heavier emphasis on genuine romance and character development. There’s certainly action and combat, but it’s not to the detriment of a strong story.

Platinum Vision is handling the series’ animation (KATSUGEKI! TOKEN RANBU, SERVAMP). Yoshinobu Tokumoto and Hideaki Nakano are the directors for the anime, bringing experience from series like BACCANO and REBORN! DEVILS’ LINE will broadcast in Japan on beginning on April 07, 2018. A US release date has not yet been announced.

Featured image from Youtube.

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