Caution: Spoilers Ahead

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This issue of Detective Comics opens in true Batman form- with a dark and grim monologue describing an everyday occurrence that relates to what is happening in the issue. This opening involved people who take airplanes, it described how where we came from and where we are going are more important than where we are.

We find Batman and the chief of police in an airport discussing what the best form of action is to find who is spreading a virus and how to stop them. Unfortunately, both were exposed to the virus while on the plane so time is of the essence! Batman decides to call Dick who appears to be torturing an individual in Belarus for information. This scene is especially impressive because in the Grayson comic, they do an exceptional job of portraying the lighter side of Dick Grayson. But in this issue, they show that Dick knows how to be an aggressive bad-ass when he needs to be. Batman asks for the whereabouts of Magnus Magnuson, the man responsible for spreading the virus.

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Back at the plane, Batman is dealing with his aging body, due to the virus and battling the corrupt CDC. Batman still doesn’t know how to stop the virus from killing the chief of police. Batman and the chief of police share a moment when the chief of police tells Batman about how he’s tired of fighting. He discloses how he wants to retire and spend his final days in Hawaii. This scene helps motivate Batman even more and made me care more for the story by giving it a human touch.

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The following page uses the hazard symbol for its panels. This was a very unique way of showing what was occurring because of the CDC. By doing what he does best (seducing attractive women), Dick is able to obtain the information Batman needed to find Magnus Magnuson and stop the spread of the virus. So he enters, makes out with the informant, and then leaves her after getting the information (like a boss).

Batman finds and beats Magnus, despite being infected and very weak (because he’s a boss too). He takes the blood from him and uses it to forge a vaccine for the general public. The final scenes of the comic are of Bruce telling Alfred he needs to enjoy some time on the beach, and the chief of police receiving a letter which contained a plane ticket to Hawaii (courtesy of Bruce Wayne).

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– Great issue which concluded the Terminal storyline
– Exceptional job showing the different sides of Dick Grayson
– Creative artwork for the panels and drew the characters with dark and edgy elements.
– Good pacing and characters that made me care for the story and motivated Batman and showed how important his mission was.

– A final issue of a storyline, so not a great point to jump into blindly.

Overall: 4.5/5

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