Previously in DETECTIVE COMICS, the mysterious and villainous Karma arrived in Gotham City. During his stint, he launched an attack on notable Batman ally Cassandra Cain aka Orphan. As the two engaged in a fierce battle, Batman recruited Black Lightning’s help to defeat Orphan’s malevolent foe. Unfortunately for the trio, Karma managed to escape. Now, in DETECTIVE COMICS #985, Karma is coming back with a vengeance.

A Glimpse Into DETECTIVE COMICS #985 Karma’s Background?

In regard to Karma’s background, there isn’t exactly much to know about the character. However, we do know that Karma’s helmet grants him some seriously powerful abilities. We witness him read Cassandra’s mind as well as overcome her during their fight. So, though there is still a lot to learn about DETECTIVE COMICS’ latest foe, he is definitely a force not to be reckoned with.


In regard to the next adventure for Batman and company, DETECTIVE COMICS #985 picks up right where its predecessor left off. Batman feels uneasy about his last confrontation with Karma. As he contemplates the next steps he must take against his foe, he becomes preoccupied with the fact that Karma knew his true identity.

In an effort to sort out his thoughts, Batman decides to go for a drive. He is certain that he has met the man behind Karma’s helmet. So, he digs deep into his memories, recovering one specific moment. Years ago, Batman embarked on a mission in Markovia. There, he confronts a sadistic man who makes children watch their parents get tortured. As the preview ends, we witness Batman dousing the man with fear gas, leaving us wondering who this man truly is and how he relates to Karma’s identity.

DETECTIVE COMICS #985 doesn’t hit stands until July 25th, 2018. Until then though, enjoy ComicsVerse’s exclusive preview at the upcoming installment from writer Bryan Hill and artist Philippe Briones.

DETECTIVE COMICS #985 Image Gallery

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