ComicsVerse has the exclusive preview of the next tale in the Deadpool mythos! From writer Gerry Duggan and artist Scott Koblish, DESPICABLE DEADPOOL #291 explores the latest adventure of our favorite, foul-mouthed anti-hero! The story seems particularly straightforward. After the events of the previous issue, Deadpool has definitely killed Cable. No fuss, no muss. Deadpool has killed his former crime-fighting partner and continuous frenemy, Nathan Summers!

The two’s relationship has been featured heavily throughout comic book history. Firstly, Deadpool made his introduction into the Marvel Universe in 1991 while Cable made his in 1986 as Nathan Summers. Their first partnership began in 2004 in the series, CABLE & DEADPOOL.

Since then, their partnership has left a lasting legacy amongst fans. Additionally, their team-up is about to be featured in the upcoming sequel to DEADPOOL with Cable being portrayed by none other than Josh Brolin.

So, why did Deadpool commit this insane murder? Well, he did it for his new pal Stryfe.

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Stryfe is actually a villainous clone of Cable who made his first appearance in THE NEW MUTANTS #86 in 1990. According to the preview below, Deadpool has brought the heart of Cable to Stryfe. Ironically, Cable’s evil clone seems to enjoy killing off mutants, even though he is a mutant himself.

The collaboration between Duggan and Koblish thus far has been met with praise. Readers have noted their ability to balance wacky humor and poignant depth. Therefore, this upcoming issue is highly anticipated amongst the series’ loyal followers.

Though DESPICABLE DEADPOOL #291 appears to feature a dark story, the preview suggests there is plenty of humor to enjoy. From a jab at notable artist Bruce Timm to a sequence depicting Deadpool peeing in Stryfe’s laboratory, this upcoming issue certainly seems to encompass all forms of entertainment.

So, can’t wait until December 27th? Check out ComicsVerse’s image gallery below!

DESPICABLE DEADPOOL #291 Exclusive Preview

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