If you’re someone that likes a little bit of suspense and action in their weekly comic choices, Comixology might have something for you from Comics Experience Digital Publishing Program. Writer J.D. Oliva and artist Richard P. Clark team up to bring the first issue of DELUGE featuring all that and hopefully more to come in following issues!

DELUGE introduces us to two protagonists on opposite ends of the story. On August 29th, 2005, we follow a female cop on a boat with other members of the NOPD, searching for refugees post-Hurricane Katrina. She gives us insight on the grit and grime of New Orleans before the natural disaster. In contrast, our introduction to her partner in the story gives us a better look at his scummy nature and poor outlook as a police officer and role model in his job position. Through her perspective, we are also introduced to a criminal and Chicago native, Jamal King. What we learn from Jamal’s side of the story though is his real identity in the comic – an undercover FBI agent.  The plot thickens already, right?


What I dig about Oliva’s writing while reading this is that his characters develop in the first issue of this series, and he’s already introduced to us a handful of characters that play dynamic roles for future issues going forward. The cop comes across to us as a protagonist looking to fulfill her duty as an honest and hard-working member of the NOPD, especially after Hurricane Katrina. The flashback shown gives us a rundown on the cop’s duties before the hurricane, and the amount of crime they’ve already had on their plate with criminals. Jamal is initially presented as a felon that gets into an altercation with her partner. From her point of view, though, we already see past her knowledge of Jamal King’s true alias. What Jamal helps the viewer understand is where the real crime is coming from – her partner.

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We watch her partner shoot at another delinquent during her pursuit to rescue him from the flooding. And then again when Jamal reunites with his partner and uncle, Derrick. Unfortunately by the end of the first issue, we learn all this information way too late in the game, but that’s where the comic keeps us wanting more! The plot thickens enough to make us ask – will her partner follow through with killing more innocent lives that get between him and his drug ring? Before NOPD learn of his real intentions behind the badge? The plot wraps up the first issue well and left me pretty curious what’s to follow. It’s a great story to capture in a real life event like Hurricane Katrina, contrasting the damages to the community against natural, physical destruction.

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The artwork from Clark is excellent from panel-to-panel, showcasing a lot of great ink work and detail. I found the color palette to be a bit muted, but his use of color highlights intensity within scenes and interaction between characters during climactic bouts and action, which kind of makes up for it in my opinion. His emphasis on the facial expression of characters in the story also helps readers focus on the emotion and understand the characters past the dialogue. With a solid plot going on, dynamic characters, and great art to tie it all up, DELUGE is sure to get a lot of readers’ attention in 2016.


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