After an impressive first issue, THE DEFENDERS #2 ups the ante with another action-packed entry. Introducing new players and tacking on extra drama and intrigue for our heroes, this installment builds on the previous. By adding to the cast and their dynamics, THE DEFENDERS #2 increases excitement but doesn’t push the story too far ahead. What follows is a fun story that will get you ready for the next issue.

THE DEFENDERS #2 has our heroes rushing to discover Diamondback’s whereabouts and motives, after his swift victory over Luke Cage. With Luke recovering thanks to Jessica Jones and Night Nurse, Daredevil and Iron Fist seek information from the likes Ben Urich, and even the Kingpin. This issue isn’t all about hunting evidence, however, as we get a showdown between our heroes and Diamondback. The fight, combined with the mystery of Diamondback’s resurgence, create a fun issue filled with entertaining character interaction.

Image from THE DEFENDERS #2, Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Crime Fighting as a Team Sport

The strength of this issue lies in the dynamics and cooperation between each cast member. With each member of the team already knowing each other, there’s no need for excess detail and worldbuilding. Writer Brian Michael Bendis has each member of the Defenders feel comfortable with each other, and their teamwork really shows in their showdown with Diamondback. Seeing these characters trade quips and have fun during their fight is refreshing. And with each member feeling at home, it presents the opportunity to bring in surprise appearances from their supporting cast from various titles.

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Various cameos throughout add to the plot development of the issue, never hurting the progression, but also not pushing it too far. Night Nurse’s role in helping Luke recover from Diamondback’s attack is an example of a nice touch to the story that builds its climax. Kingpin’s short role also contributes towards it, giving us a meeting with Iron Fist that feels like it’s straight from a mobster movie. Meanwhile, Daredevil pays a visit to Ben Urich for clues, adding a character that will bring together various threads as the story progresses. The issue’s events bring more players to the table without pushing the plot too far, but does well to add to the mystery behind Diamondback with flare and character.

Image from THE DEFENDERS #2, Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

THE DEFENDERS #2 Has Art to Stun

Artist David Marquez and colorist Justin Ponsor once again bring amazing visuals to this issue. Marquez’s character designs shine on each page, with impressively detailed expressions. Just the beginning with Jessica, Luke, and Night Nurse stands out, with the drama and suspense of Luke’s health being accentuated. The added “beep” effect of Luke’s heart monitor brings in more tension, appearing through each panel as a blaring sound. Iron Fist and Kingpin’s meeting also stands out, with lighting and shading in each panel inserting a serious mood. The expressions on Kingpin’s face, coupled with the shading, give an intense feel.

The backgrounds and settings of the issue are also distinct, especially during the fight scene with Diamondback. The club backdrop feels tightly packed as intended, as our heroes exchange blows and get thrown across the room. Each character’s movement feels swift, and added with the lighting against their facial expressions, the scenes are dramatic and action-packed. Marquez and Ponsor bring visual life to Bendis’ script, with a satisfying result.

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THE DEFENDERS #2 is a fun ride from start to end, a worthy follow-up to the debut issue. The growing cast and mystery make for an engaging read, especially when coupled with the amazing art of each page. The story doesn’t progress too much, but it does well to add depth to everyone involved. All of this, combined with a truly entertaining fight scene, make THE DEFENDERS #2 a book you should pick up and get on board with.

THE DEFENDERS #2 is a strong follow-up to the debut issue, introducing cast members and expanding upon a powerful team dynamic.
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