Today, Behaviour Interactive announced DEATHGARDEN: an asymmetrical action game in development for PC.

The game takes place in a dystopian world, where a spectacular blood-sport is the most popular form of entertainment.  Players take the role of either a team of agile runners or a single, heavily armored hunter. While the runners try to escape the arena, the hunter’s job is to kill them one by one.

Each match takes place in a jungle arena known as the “Deathgarden”: a map that changes with every session.

The most dangerous game of all.

According to the team at Behaviour,

“We embrace the challenge of asymmetrical gameplay and the unique moments it provides, drawing players and viewers into the experience. Playing with your team to overcome an unrelenting threat hell-bent on stopping you isn’t just fun to play, it’s really engaging to watch.”


Behaviour is no stranger to asymmetrical gameplay. They’re most well known for DEAD BY DAYLIGHT, a multiplayer action game inspired by classic horror movies. The game certainly has its problems, but it’s good to see a company so willing to provide an engaging, asymmetrical experience.

I’m digging this art style.

The goal of these games is to make each side feel as different as possible while maintaining a sense of fairness. As you can imagine, this is pretty hard to do. Hopefully, Behaviour can take the lessons they learned from DEAD BY DAYLIGHT and apply them to DEATHGARDEN.

“An Arena That Is Different Every Time”

One thing that intrigues me about DEATHGARDEN is the fact that the arena is different every time. My biggest complaint about DEATH BY DAYLIGHT is that there wasn’t enough variety in the gameplay. Even with multiple maps, you always knew what to expect after a few matches. If DEATHGARDEN features some sort of procedural generation, then this could keep the game fresh. The devil is in the details, however.

On one hand, it’s hard to ensure proper balance with a map that constantly changes. On the other hand, this could easily be a throwaway feature, with a few cosmetic changes to the map and little else. As with asymmetrical gameplay, procedural generation is hard to pull off.

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Either way, I gotta say I’m pretty excited for this. I’m always up for some unique, multiplayer action, and hopefully, DEATHGARDEN can scratch that itch.

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DEATHGARDEN will be available for play at PAX East 2018. You can also sign up for a closed alpha on their website

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