With so many great comic books being published on a weekly basis, no one can possibly read them all. That means that many hidden gems often fall by the wayside. DEATHBED was one of those stories for me. While a Vertigo publication, the lack of any known pedigree (i.e. BATMAN or THE HELLBLAZER) made this amazing title slip under my radar. This story is incredibly over-the-top in all of the best ways, and it doesn’t apologize for its wackiness. However, as we see in this exclusive preview of DEATHBED #4, it doesn’t stray away from the hard subjects. This comic book has always put theme above its crazy plot beats, but this issue seems to have found a perfect balance between the two.

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After fending off a cannibalistic cult, Antonio Luna and his ghostwriter Val have barely escaped with their lives. However, for Luna, he has lost something far more precious. His memories of his former adventurous life have begun to fail him. To counteract this, the pair has ventured to the Underwater Pleasure Gardens of Womba. A special algae grows in these waters that, if ingested, allows a person to relive their memories. However, not everything is safe in these gardens. Their guardians, the Sisters of Cognitive Creation, have warned Luna to never set foot in their waters again. Will the fabled and forgotten adventurer risk his life to remember his past?

DEATHBED #4 touches a lot of really sensitive subject matter in only a few pages. With themes of dementia or forgetfulness, Luna’s plight, while narratively strange, speaks to real human issues. In many ways, this showcases exactly what drew me into this series. DEATHBED has been a wild ride from the start. However, if Joshua Williamson and Riley Rossmo continue to ground their surrealist story in realistic themes, then they can only expect an ever-growing readership. Seriously, I cannot wait for this issue to be released!

DEATHBED #4 hits shelves May 16th. Until then, check out ComicsVerse’s exclusive preview below!

DEATHBED #4 Preview Gallery

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