Death of Wolverine Review- Caution: Spoilers Ahead

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Written by Charles Soule with fantastic illustrations by the always amazing Salvatore Larroca, ‘Hypothesis’ – the latest chapter in the Weapon X’s ongoing quest to engineer more super-humans – finds six experimental test subjects fleeing Paradise Island for their lives. Spectacular writing and great ensemble-style characterization ensues. Sharp – a former munitions expert turned mysterious masked man who doesn’t quite remember how he became the lethal killing machine that he is – adds an entertaining, if not slightly formulaic wrinkle to the cast. Endo (short for endocrine) with her hyper-charged adrenal gland is one of the more original characters to join the ranks of this fledgling “team” while Junk (a human/animal hybrid) and Skel (a super strong/super durable Luke Cage knock-off) leave a little more to be desired, creatively speaking. Salvaging their short-comings, though, is Nuero – a super brain with a dark past and a serial killer’s knowledge of the human body.

All in all, the five play off each other with just the sort of tension and questionable motives that you would expect from a group of people with no shared interests other than their own, immediate survival. Throw in Sharp’s increasingly strange inner monologues (which seem to sound more and more like conversations with a certain recently deceased Canuck) and a cliff-hanger involving none other than Sabretooth himself and you’ll see why I was left wanting more.

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Overall: 4.5/5

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