Get ready to enter the fascinating game world of War World! On February 19th, Funimation released the official clip for the English dub of DEATH MARCH TO THE PARALLEL WORLD, the latest winter 2018 isekai series. An Isekai series features an unknown force transporting the main character to another world but, by this point, many anime fans are tired of this concept. Various anime have used this concept, but only a few have stood out (SWORD ART ONLINE, KONOSUBA, NO GAME NO LIFE, and RE: ZERO to name a few). Thus, the anime community has a bit of a love-hate response whenever a new one comes out (just look at the reviews for DEATH MARCH’s sub!) And yet, we can’t help but check it out to see if it’ll be worthwhile.

What’s DEATH MARCH About?

If you’re new to the series, DEATH MARCH follows Ichirou Suzuki, a 29-year-old programmer who wakes up as a 15-year-old in the very game he created. At the beginning of the show, Ichirou is in the middle of a death march. The anime defines this as a period where programmers work overtime without any sleep in order to meet a deadline. After Ichirou finally naps, he wakes up in War World as a much younger version of himself named Satou. He tries to determine what’s happening, but a sudden hoard of enemies heads his way and he has to fight. The Japanese version of this scene is already captivating, but the English version makes it even more enjoyable.

Ichirou has just woken up and he’s already in danger! | Image: Crunchyroll

The Exciting Dub Clip

Many anime fans feel a mix of anticipation and dread when anime distributors announce a dub. A good dub could make an anime even more fun, but a bad dub could make an anime unwatchable. Thus, when we hear about a dub, we pray that it’ll be good – from the translation quality to the voice actors, to even the OP. Luckily, it looks like the DEATH MARCH dub is off to a good start! Check out the official clip for yourself in this HD version:

This clip is a great introduction to DEATH MARCH for western fans. Right away, the visuals of the game’s mechanics are stunning. Rendered in high-quality and fully detailed, the gaming system provides some of the best shots in the clip. The other visuals aren’t as high quality, but they aren’t bad either. Visuals are colorful and change to suit Satou’s moods, from his fear of the approaching enemy and shock at experiencing pain in a dream, to his panic over his weapon not implementing correctly. They also blend well with the tonal shifts in music, together creating a penetrable feeling of dread for Satou’s current situation. Half of the clip is build up, but these introspective moments make the action-packed conclusion all the more impactful.

The Right Voice Actor

Justin Briner voices both the younger and older version of our hero. | Image: Crunchyroll

Justin Briner is also a fascinating voice actor choice for Ichirou. He has voiced many beloved characters (like Izuku Midoriya in MY HERO ACADEMIA) and is no stranger to lead roles. He’s also able to switch between voices of varying ages and that makes him an excellent choice for Ichirou. Ichirou is clearly a 29-year-old stuck in Satou’s 15-year-old body and Justin portrays this well by varying the tone of his voice. Satou’s voice sounds younger and a little higher pitched, fitting for a teenager. While Ichirou’s voice, usually heard only in his head or outside the game, is deeper and sounds considerably older. It’s interesting to hear the casual switch back and forth, and this subtle detail makes the dub fascinating.

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DEATH MARCH Fans, Equip!

The dub clip already has over 8,000 views and varied fan responses. Some feel immediate elation and some instant hatred. Fan reactions to the anime, both dub and sub, follow this trend, so whether or not you’ll like either version of the anime is up to you! You can watch the first two dubbed episodes for free on the Funimation website. Subscribers have access up to episode 4 and Funimation releases new episodes every Sunday. The first three episodes cover the first volume of the manga and jump right into the second, so you won’t have to worry about the pace.

Crunchyroll is releasing the subbed version and has up to episode 5 currently available for free users. You can also venture into the manga or light novels to make the wait for new episodes a little easier!

Featured image courtesy of Random Curiosity.


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