Dean Haspiel

Dean Haspiel was the first name that I truly locked on to when I looked through the creator list this year for Wizard World Philadelphia. As a huge fan of noir, detective comedies, and HBO in general, I knew that I would love to interview Dean Haspiel. Haspiel is the artist behind BORED TO DEATH, a detective tv show starring Jason Schwartzman as a novelist turned private detective, and the creator of a webcomic collective named ACT-I-VATE.

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Dean Haspiel: What I Learned

Talking to Dean Haspiel taught me about his interests. They were much larger than creating beautiful art and writing intriguing scripts. He is also interested in the technological changes that are occurring within the entertainment industry. Particularly, the fact that people are reading and watching their favorite media more and more on their phones. I can say from personal experience I tried and failed many times to enjoy comics on my iPhone. Whether I’m cramming for the next podcast or just trying to ingest the newest issue of BITCH PLANET the minute it comes to my phone on Comixology, Haspiel has accurately identified that the future of film, TV, and comics isn’t just in the computer, it’s also in the phone. And that artists and writers should plan accordingly.

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Dean Haspiel: A Great Interview

Outside of that, he is also a super kind and humble guy. Even though this wasn’t my first interview, I certainly acted like it since it was my first at this con. Haspiel was someone whose work I had read and seen over the years. Most of those nerves flew away when Haspiel began to dance around me before saying, “hey it’s just an interview. We gotta have fun.” If you like fun and smart people, you’re gonna love this interview, and if you need a short introduction to Dean Haspiel and his work I would definitely recommend THE LAST ROMANTIC ANTIHERO. It’s stunning.

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