It’s been more than five years since “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” disappointed fans of Deadpool.  More than five years of a constant trickle of news – a script leaking here, a new studio’s interest there.  Five years of what is termed “development hell”- a state in which a movie can, for many reasons, get stuck.

Thank goodness, the Deadpool movie is out of hell.

Due largely to a recent leak of sample footage, the internet has been abuzz with renewed interest in Deadpool.  Ryan Reynolds voiced the character in the footage, which was epic.  The humor, action, and fourth-wall-breaking all left fans wanting more.

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So, Fox announced February 12th, 2016 for the release of the new Deadpool movie.  Fox also announced the delay of the Fantastic Four movie until later in 2016.

The big question is: will this Deadpool movie fit into the continuity that Fox is trying to set up?

Fans will no doubt desire to see a different character than the interpretation from Origins.  On the bright side, we also have an X-men universe that has deleted the Origins movie timeline from existence, for all intents and purposes.

It is possible that Deadpool could touch on the events that follow “Days of Future Past,” retelling the Weapon X storyline with Mystique taking the place of William Stryker.  This movie could give us a little taste of Wolverine, also, just before “X-Men: Apocalypse”.  This would bring Deadpool into the mix for a possible appearance in this next chapter of the X-Men saga, which will also be released in 2016, a few months before Fantastic Four- a title which Fox wants to unite with the X-Men movies.


Would you want to see Deadpool in a larger Fox continuity, or would you rather he stand alone, outside of Fox’s proposed X-men/Fantastic Four cineverse?

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